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  1. Hey peoples The new show is out. See link and also on iTunes http://www.abc.net.au/news/sport/programs/front-of-pack/ This show we chat to 2013 Age group world champion (70.3 and Oly) Laura Siddall about her recent decision to turn pro and what goes into making that decision. Laura started her first pro race in Noosa and came 8th in a pretty stacked field. great effort as she is more suited to 70.3 in my opinion. We also talk to age grouper Nicole Stanners about her trip to Kona as a first timer. Point taken about the race predictions it has taken longer than we wanted f
  2. Hey everyone The new show is out. Sorry about the delays. It features Brad Kahlefeldt talking about his move into 70.3 racing and thoughts leading into Vegas 70.3 world champs. We also have Stew Campbell on the show talking about race wheel choice for triathlons. Hope you enjoy, please share with your friends. A reminder we have a twitter account "ABC Front of Pack" and you can also subscribe to us on iTunes. Cheers
  3. Yep as Runlong says Looking at Friday 13th at this stage. We did an interview with Brad Kahlefeldt and asked Stu Campbell (Computa) and wheel choices for triathlon races. We now have a twitter account @abcfrontofpack which we will use to try and keep you updated on what's happening as far as interviews etc. Sorry for the delay on this one both runlong and miloman did Challenge Roth and had some holidays after that plus our real work to deal with
  4. Sorry link is here http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-07-18/front-of-pack-july-18/4829132
  5. Hi guys and gals Our latest show is now on the net and includes Australian 10km champion Ben St Lawrence who won the Payton Jordan Invitational which is the 10km track race Brownlee had a crack at. Ben talks about his career and his views on Brownlee as a runner. We also have well known Masters runner and technique coach Keith Bateman talking about running technique and running as an older athlete. Hope you enjoy.
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. I think the sound differences are due to the port mac interviews being done on a voice recorder in outside conditions etc. The rest of the content was in the studio. Some of us need to get closer to the microphone too
  7. Hello again guys. Here is the link to the first show which aired last Friday. Hope you find it ok. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-05-31/front-of-the-pack-may-31/4725800?section=sport
  8. Yep it will be itunes, We aren't sure how soon afterwards, will let you know when we do.
  9. Hi Everyone We have contacted Bernie about making this post and have her full support. ABC Grandstand have just commenced a new triathlon radio show named Front of Pack (FOP). It is a 3 person panel show consisting of Vanessa MacBean, Michael Sams and Clyde Rosanowski. Two of the panelists are active members of this forum, runlong and miloman. As it is primarily a radio show it is a bit shorter than your average triathlon podcast, the first episode is 35 minutes long. What we would love is some constructive criticism and maybe some ideas for future interviews or segmen
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