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  1. I bought petrol at the bp at south nowra yesterday and this was on when i went into pay.
  2. makes sense, thought it might be a bit harder, just wasn't sure and didnt want to put bias into the question.
  3. Calling out the moderators.... the post awakened by Roxii is coming. I've been banned before, sure, for bumping a cycling thread but ive still been banned. It's coming.
  4. I'd like to thank Roxii for what I'm going to post. He reawakened some memories a few months back, I would post straight away but want to build it up. He posted about another song, but same artist. Build, build, build.
  5. Anyone still do it? Ride to the race or home from it or both I know Paul Every use to do it, and most shire folk i know have ridden to the gong and back to race (same day)... one or two have ridden to huski (not same day)? Anyone still do it ?
  6. i know the bike course is longer then the old days but how does it compare..guess im asking how does it feel, easier, same, harder. thought it use to "flow" nicely
  7. You fair dinkum re the orange juice ?? That’s seriously insane. And if you think micks cat piss is a lot, don’t go out the night before a race with a few other shire icons. Mind you, they are on New, maybe it’s a softer beer .... lol
  8. Spot on, great choice, had them for tea tonight. Probably the sauce on the ribs port a loo’d you, not the ribs. Lol.
  9. You should drink Reschs rather then that Victorian cats piss. Unless of course you’ve shaved down, then it’s probably apt. I gather long necks so a bit of redemption there.
  10. i dunno much about that qld premier, but saved em from covid, locked the unwashed out, won an election as a result, and now the olympics........ even prince is supporting the communists above in this thread. She is truly a women of the people. In fairness, not as good as Gladys though. And unlike Jordan, Ali, Pele, Tiger, Bradman and Gladys, has two names but the olympics is nice.
  11. It's not something i really track, though i had some issues in Nepal and Thailand in the very early 90's. We had a list of safe places to eat in kathmandu and between going up some hills and coming back, they took one of the places of the safe list. We ate there, was sick for weeks afterwards.
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