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  1. Dunno, if you read his ramblings, he talks about people getting better non wetsuit, assume its proportionate re improvement, but what works with some wont work with all. Give it a test over a month, watchya got to lose.... probably the opposite potential gain. Not many fresh water non wettie swims though.... in saying that, how goods the hell of the west. I do note reading his stuff last night, he doesn't recommend the band for age groupers no more.... jabbs and southie still do though and I like them better. Iol.
  2. probably blessed living where i do with the swim advice over the years but really think the collected ramblings of sutton on swimming are great for age groupers.... and this one in particular where he says to learn to enjoy swimming might be the best tip of all. http://blog.trisutto.com/the-pull-buoy-debate-2/
  3. Paul mason basically uses an a4 sheet of about 8 font which seems to have every test known to mankind re blood, urine, faeces. I've also had ct heart scan and calcium score done (pre seeing him after i realised all my 50 year old mates had had it done, which came back zero calcium) and i'm on a regular colonoscopy piece due to family history, and interestingly he picked up markers in my bloods re colon issues that are now lowering, and that was pretty much after a colonoscopy that said all good on actual looking. Perhaps over the top, but it is, what it is.
  4. PJ could be wrong. Perhaps not....lol
  5. just get paddles, a bouy between your legs and swim. as you get better, do that and tie your ankles together. you dont swim in triathlon, you put a wetsuit on and pull yourself across the water. Build up to the paddles or you'll rip your shoulders apart. if you get that down pat, can drop your swim training down to 2k or less a set, never do a squad and still swim like peeps doing the 4k swim squads 3 or 4 times a week. its basically the brett sutton triathlon swim model, rote and get strong. its not your swim squad model with flippers and stuff. It works for triathl
  6. I'm not aware of any but its its interesting seeing what dave scott is advising people now so in time may get one or two...certainly goes against the grain of the high carb sponsorships of the sport. that zack bitter is very low carb but does eat more then just meat. Its not for everyone and i openly say its the other extreme to veganism, if you are going to do it, get your health metrics done so you can see if works for you or not.
  7. It's been done before on here, but yeah, I think you could. The beauty of Ironman is anthing is possible.
  8. Yes, your body certainly reduces output. You dont see meat go through you undigested like vegetables do.
  9. bloke at works has chooks, he just brings me in a bucket of them.... probably smaller size like equivalent to your 600g 12 pack. I haven't tried duck fat since doing this.
  10. Can’t stress enough I’m not a doctor and everyone is different. Interesting too Dave Scott’s messaging now is not as extreme as carnivore but it’s very aligned re salt, insulin etc. anyway, grog is ok on carnivore or keto. Spirits are best and carb free. your body burns grog first as an energy source so you need to conscious of that.... In saying that, in rough terms, approx, spirits - carb free champers about 1 carb a glass wine about 2 carbs a glass (so almost a bottle compared to a middy / pot / half pint of beer). beer about 10 carbs .... though where y
  11. Nor I..... and not sure I want too.
  12. Yes not cheap, but not eating any crap as well..... so some swings and roundabouts I guess.
  13. 95% lindt dark, about 7.5 carbs in the entire block (80g block).
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