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  1. I had issues yesterday my credit didn't show on the checkout page, after a few phone calls turns out all Melbourne credits did not get loaded onto the system, they provided me with a code to use instead. Not sure if it is fixed today.
  2. Agree, but I always compare prices with bikebug as their prices are better on a lot of items
  3. I've been swimming at Kilsyth since it opened Tuesday last week, you have to book, limited to 50min per session, max 3 people per lane
  4. I've been swimming at Kilsyth since it opened Tuesday last week, you have to book, limited to 50min per session, max 3 people per lane
  5. I've been having lots of dropouts the past few weeks, using MacBook Pro with Ant+ stick. Starts up ok but then everything gets disconnected. Lately I've shutdown after each session and restarted before each session to see it a fresh restart would help, today about an hour into the session it did it again. Nothing has changed with my setup and hardware is exactly the same. Use to happen once in a while but now happens almost every session, driving me crazy!
  6. Thanks for this, just ordered some gear, good to support local companies when possible.
  7. I bought an aqua jogger some time ago that came with an elastic tether, I've removed the belt and am using it and the tether (I tried an octopus strap which worked well also) plus some nylon rope which I've tied to a high point to prevent it getting tangled with my feet. Works pretty well.
  8. I did this last year, sent them an email and they sent me a link to transfer, also I don't think I paid anything as you are going from full to half.
  9. etiennevt

    Busso 2019

    I'm doing Busso in May.
  10. etiennevt

    Busso 2019

    Doing Busso again next year so booked $75 seats from Melbourne to Busso a few weeks back, adding luggage (30kg) and extra leg room brought it in at around $200 return, can't beat that!
  11. Glad it has survived, we will be back next year as we really enjoyed the event this year.
  12. Love mine, I've had no issues since I bought it at the end of last year. It's very quiet, my drive train and my heavy breathing is the only thing I hear. I had Kickr V1 for many years and I could not tell the difference ride feel wise. Bought it when pushy's had a 15% off site wide so great value for money. I do all my training on it so it gets a lot of use.
  13. For Ironman races The Obsessed Triathlete
  14. I had the same issue, rang them, then sent a photo of the HRM and proof of purchase. Had to return the original strap they then sent a new one.
  15. etiennevt

    Froome GONE

    Interesting read https://cyclingtips.com/2019/06/the-weekly-spin-putting-chris-froome-crash-conspiracy-theories-into-context/
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