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  1. London PRL Full completed. 174km with 2,284m of elevation in 6hr 23mins. Got off the bike a couple of times for breaks when I was really struggling so actual time was about 20 minutes longer. I was ready to quit after 90km. Just wasn't feeling it and actually started to feel a bit crook in the guts as well. Kept going just because if I didn't do it now it would never get done. Enjoyed none of it. Glad that it's done. Unfortunate that it took so long to find the time to finally ride this route to complete the 'all route badges on Zwift' challenge because with the release of the New Fr
  2. Ha ha - was just discussing with a friend that we preferred the Alpe because of the changes in gradient breaking it up a little. On the Ventop route, the couple of times you get a gradient change were a welcome relief.
  3. VenTop - The Zwift version of Mt Ventoux completed. What a slog. I went up and down again so a total ride of 44km in 2:10. 1hr 43 mins for the 19.05km and 1476m of elevation @ 8% for the actual route.
  4. Tuesday - AHDR Bacon Rolls. 40km in 1 hour. Wednesday I tried doing one of the Tour de France discovery rides but Zwift kicked me out of the app once the countdown to the start of the ride in the pen reached zero. Never had that happen before and couldn't rejoin the ride so went and tried the Step by Step workout instead. 22km in 43 mins.
  5. It's phenomenal. When I'm at the Gold Coast I usually go running at Burleigh but that path is getting so crowded as to be almost impossible these days. I think Currumbin/Tugun is now my spot and I just need to come up with 1-2 million dollars so I can have a place nice and close to the path/beach.
  6. Weekend at the Gold Coast visiting the inlaws. 2 x runs Saturday and Sunday morning looking at property I'd like to buy but can't afford. Saturday Burleigh Heads - 8.2 kms in 47minutes. Sunday Currumbin to Kirra and return - 12.5km in 1:05.
  7. Tuesday morning went back up the Alpe - 31.4km in 1:26 with 1059m of elevation. 1:01.30 to go up the Alpe so getting closer to breaking the 1 hour mark. Today I did a custom workout - 34km in 1:03 with 195m of elevation. Felt pretty good.
  8. Some frosty mornings lately and I've been struggling to get out from under the doona. Went for my first run in months on Saturday - 10.7km in 1 hour with the kids on their bikes keeping me company. Sunday did the first stage of the virtual Letape ride on Zwift - 33km in 1:02 with 686m of elevation. I did a PB up the epic KOM of 25:23 and increased my FTP from 250 to 256 according to Zwift. I'm feeling stronger on the bike so not a complete surprise but am also due to do a spin down calibration so won't get too excited just in case that's the reason for the improved performance!
  9. Had a few days away camping on Moreton Island with the family so no formal exercise other than fishing and drinking. Got up this morning and did the AHDR Bacon Rolls Ride - 41km in 1:05 with 155m of elevation. Still have just the 1 route badge to go but because it's the London PRL Full and I need at least 6-7 hours of 'free time' I'm not sure when I'm going to fit that in. Keen to do the virtual L'Etape du Tour stages over the next few weekends so maybe after that.
  10. I revisited the scene of my recent death on a pushbike and went back up Alpe du Zwift this morning. Road to sky - 32km in 1:32 with 1064m of elevation. Managed a PB up the Alpe of 1:02.37 which was nice given the beating I took last time. I can't work out how many times I've climbed the Alpe now that Strava keeps more info hidden for paid subscriptions, but I think I'm up to 8.
  11. Well a change of plans for me. I had other jobs and family things that had to be done and I couldn't fit in that long a ride. So I did the 25 laps of the Volcano circuit and was off the bike and being productive by 8am. I wasn't too disappointed as I had misread the calendar and London wasn't one of the available worlds on Saturday so it would have been very lonely. The frustrating bit is that I'm away this weekend so won't be able to do it for another 2 weeks now. So my training - Saturday - 104km in 3:04 with 517m of elevation. This morning the AHDR Bacon Rolls Ride - 42km in 1 hour.
  12. Innsbruckring route completed which means I've only got the London PRL full left to do this weekend. Did 2 laps so 20km in 40 mins with 166m of elevation.
  13. You will still get the route badge if you select it as a meetup. I've done it on Innsbruck and it worked fine.
  14. Uber Pretzel done - Fark me that was hard. 129km in 5:43 (6 hours if you include breaks) with 2,387m of elevation. I was going ok but started getting cramps halfway up the Alpe at the end. 40 mins for the first 6kms and 1 hour for the second 6.4km for a personal worst on the segment by a considerable time. I don't think I enjoyed any of that ride and that final climb was just a whole other level of suckiness.
  15. Gravel ride. Short but hilly 😉

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