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  1. The mind is strong but the body is regrettably busted. Looks like it will be a while (if ever) before I can run so rather than have this almost brand new beauty sit in on the wall of my garage - just teasing me - it's time she moves in with a lover who will look after her needs better than this broken down hack. She was custom built by crazy Stew from Happy Wheels in Kensington (Sydney) in late October 2013 and is featured on their website (www.happywheels.com.au/bike-builds). There are a number of photos! The frame is a Boardman Air TT 9.8 (the same bike that Pete Jacobs used to w
  2. Must mean I'm low on it. Wonder if a full head of hair a good enough reason for a TUE!
  3. Glad you mentioned this moats bloke. On first glance i thought this was a pic of you! Anyway, whatever he's taking doesn't seem to be helping his receding hairline . I got him there!
  4. No offence...unless you're one of the Drimer brothers and you live on the Kahoonawasi (apologies for any misspelling)
  5. Best post by far! Who's pickin a banjo here...
  6. Id love to know if he could swim Probably never had time to learn
  7. My last post on this. Before passing too much judgement maybe some posters should visit the mental health thread where we have a variety of really normal people who have or have expressed various issues or problems and they receive terrific support. None are multi Olympic and world championship gold medalists. None are world record holders. But none of that matters to those giving their support. So why should it matter if the person is an elite athlete or sporting hero? Shouldn't we be as understanding regardless? Like Rimmer, i have met Grant Hackett on a few occasions. My son has also me
  8. Thats probably true. But for a judgemental error though, he may well be still in training with a seat on the plane to rio and would likely have not been drowning his sorrows at/after an AFL game and nipple pinched some poor precious 'young executive' in the business seat in front. Fate's a fickle thing
  9. If you read my comments, i said that this thread wasn't about domestic violence. It was about Hackett's comeback. I only commented on the stretch of breaking stuff and burning down a house with your ex inside. Start a thread on domestic violence in the sand box if you want to talk about definitions, actions, personal views et al. This is about his comeback. Stay on subject
  10. Not sure this is a domestic violence thread or about what you can and can't / should and shouldn't do to your own place or property. I think burning down a house your ex is living in is a bit of a stretch to throwing and breaking stuff. I'm also a bit wary of what the press says but a nipple twist? Come on! Most of us would tell the bloke to keep his f#%^en hands to himself but its hardly a fed police issue. Press said the guy was 'tearful' and he was now worried about getting on flights as "someone might come up and grope me again"! Wtf! Regardless it looks like his desicion to sw
  11. We - at least some - are really bloody amazing here. We are athletes of no note or real abilty who lead normal lives with various own personal problems and issues. When one of us comes on here and expresses these, we all jump to say nice things. Yet when someone who IS (yes, is right now today even at 36) still an elite athlete with massive pressure to perform at an elite level in a sport so far removed from the piddly stuff ANY of us do, and they step slightly out of line, we jump on the 'drag em down' bus and let fly. Absolutely ashamed of all of you for being so holier than thou . Go to the
  12. You're kidding. What history of alcohol 'abuse' ? What the f#%k is even alcohol abuse. I drink 3-5 drinks a day. Does that make me a ***tard with a history of alcohol abuse? I have a history of violence against others. Just about every rugby player from my era has the same history. As for his wife, what violence. He's 6'5 and if he was violent towards her there'd be physical damage. They had a blue and he wrecked stuff in his house. Regardless of rights or wrongs of breaking your own furnature it was a domestic and they're no longer together. What are you basing your opinion on him being a 'sh
  13. News certainly didn't paint a good picture. Unfirtunately looks like he had a big night beforehand at an AFL function. The "toilet" visit beforehand makes it look worse and the photo of him (seemingly) asleep in a wheelchair - truly sad. Sounds like no charges but he'll likely lose some of the positive press and associated work (tv commentry, Olympic team mentor). I hope not becuase his commentry on the swimming after he was done was actually really good. I may be shouted down but I'm sure many of us have worked really, really hard on something and when the outcome wasn't as hoped, perhap
  14. Article didn't go into any detail. Will be interested to know what actually happened. Wonder if some goose was being a smart arse to him and he cracked. As outlined in another thread, i ran into him in Adelaide after his non Q in the 200 and he was great. Polite and definately no big head.
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