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  1. MStyles

    Mandurah 70.3

    I just registered and spots are still available. I went on their website randomly the other day and realised entries open today. I didn't get an email notification. Just a heads up.
  2. 91.8. Huge ride followed by an even bigger Father's Day lunch.
  3. I had one done at total triathlon. It was spot on first go, the guy seemed to really know what he was talking about.
  4. 92.2. Going up after half Marra Sunday and solid training all week.
  5. 91.2. 1 run only and a Friday night like 1999.
  6. 90.8. Slightly torn calf muscle, no excercise since Friday. My weight is destined to begin with a 9
  7. MStyles

    29er vs 650B

    My ability as a triathlete is average and I would recommend taking none of my advice. However, my ability on a MTB is way above average as I have ridden bmx/MTB for years and raced motocross. 29er all the way! Opens doors for long distance races etc, will make life easier as a beginner (more confidence over logs etc), can be ridden hard and fast as they are so stable. The new models corner/ climb that good I can't see any negatives. Buy a 4 inch dally with 120mm forks. XT group set/ brakes are amazing. I do find at the car park people always chat about bikes etc and seem to know a
  8. MStyles

    Hawaii 70.3

    Cheers for all the info re race and strippers. Had no idea so many people go over for the event. Good luck to everyone racing.
  9. MStyles

    Hawaii 70.3

    I am wandering if anyone has done this before? Does this sell out within minutes? Was planning to make this part of a honeymoon so really don't want to miss it. Any other tips info would be great.
  10. And also the Mandurah half? Does this sell out as fast as the busso half?
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