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  1. It's very flexible, has a funny accent, will occasionally punch your head off then retire unexpectedly ....
  2. I'm a 45. Probably a 1M. I loved my Mizunos but the new ones aren't the same. So looking for something different (tried Hokas and HATED them)
  3. Pioneer has been good for me, but is expensive (just got cheaper I think).
  4. Like the title says. Refurbish/replacement 910xt from Garmin. Not the latest, but unless you want activity tracking it will do it all. DC Rainmaker is here: http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2011/10/garmin-forerunner-910xt-in-depth-review.html Comes with charging clip, no Ant+ stick unless you tell me you don't own one and mean it. No silly offers, but motivated seller (already bought the new one and not sure "it just changed colour by itself" is going to fly for long....) $150, posted, anywhere in Oz.
  5. Melbourne. Shame. Thanks. She's probably even smaller than a 48 come to think of it.
  6. Hi Clarkey. My mate just had her awful, too big, dreadful Giant nicked. That looks perfect for her. I've forgotten where you are based though...
  7. Stay in one of the art series hotels. The Olsen or Cullen are both nearish to the mara. http://www.artserieshotels.com.au/
  8. Thanks NW55 (Aaron I think....) Unfortunately bike spotted wasn't mine. BUT in good news, they have caught the ****er. No sign of the bike of course, but at least the scumbag is off the streets!
  9. Belated thanks for the lookout. Mine was a large. Insurance has been relatively good so going round again (and have moved somewhere more secure)
  10. Phoebus

    TA auto renewal

    I've had four emails telling me my membership is expiring. I renewed some time ago. Their systems suck.
  11. I live in a one bedroom apartment (moving soon thank god). With a "secure" basement. Swipe card access, Wire cages, big arse chain and padlock, CCTV. Somehow didn't think it would happen to me, though it's a familiar story.
  12. Scumbags broke into my storage cage (basement, supposedly secured, thick chain) in Richmond, VIC, and have knicked my: - Distinctive Specialized Shiv Pro, black with grey decals, with upgraded 3T bars, xlab BTA, sitaero saddlle with spare kit in rear cage - ENVE 6.7 clinchers - Rudy fluero green helmet wingspan with Pete Jacobs' signature on both sides. Incredibly sentimentally valuable to me, did my first Ironman with this gear. If you seek anyone hawking any of this stuff, please PM me. Reward offered. Yes I have the serial nos, yes it's reported, yes I'm hoping insurance will cov
  13. I had this as an initial reaction to an incident a while back. KEEP ON THEM Politely phone every two days for as long as it takes. Point them to the relevant road rules (in vic http://www5.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/vic/consol_act/rsa1986125/s61.html) Do not leave them alone, make charging her easier than dealing with you (but be polite).
  14. Why are people shocked that those with money get to do things others can't... or that a business owned by private equity employs self-promoting and self-advancing tactics? There is no mythical fair playing field in triathlon. Either pro or age group - the ones with the money or the support to train and participate get to show off their genetic talents (which aren't fairly distributed either...)
  15. Well done. BTW - they will sell the remaining merchandise online much cheaper over the next month or so, so I wouldn't worry!
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