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  1. I worked for Control Risks at the time, Meg paid a visit to our offices. Rewatched Gladiator the other day, might have to revisit Beautiful Mind and Master & Commander to make a decision.
  2. Cheers FP. No issues so far, and wasn’t aware that they were prone to it. Thanks for the heads-up, will have to do some research!
  3. TenPints

    Port Photos

    A bit personal, but very happy memories - bloody miss it (apologies for the poor quality)! Two Trannys keeping each other going. Beer Mile celebrations... Party time!
  4. TenPints

    Tour de Cure

    Playing catch-up on all things Transitions! Absolute pleasure being on tour with you again Flanman, and revisiting a few ales at old Husky was awesome! I am never riding up Cambewarra mountain again with a bust spoke! Braking up-hill does you no favours!
  5. I liked this from David Marr in the Guardian: "...being decent and kind requires no legislation. You only need a religious freedom act to shelter behind when you plan to be nasty...if you are demanding rights for yourself which you won't extend to others, that's not freedom. It's privilege." https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/jun/27/with-israel-folau-the-church-demands-a-kind-of-free-speech-that-keeps-gays-in-the-firing-line
  6. Cheers Willie, that's really appreciated, and will do!
  7. Never mind off-seasons it's been a season off for me. Family situation and a significant uplift in workload just meant that I had to step away from triathlon. Needless to say, those spare kilos lying around have found a new home by attaching themselves to me. This off season I'm going to work on getting my mojo back. I've had a few false starts, but I want to race again, so will start with the bike trainer to lose a few Kgs and then work my way back into running. I have to forget about "where I was", and focus on the "next little improvement". Hope to see you out there again nex
  8. I’ve got NBN, it’s the Internet connectivity that I don’t get.
  9. NBN Internet connectivity, I just don’t get it...
  10. I was bought some Mg tablets a while ago - I'm also keen to be convinced I should take them... Tried HotShots once, a good mate's sister works for the company, and he brought them over when they were just starting out in the US. Not sure they made much difference, but the taste - wow!
  11. Cheers Peter, one for the to-watch list, Free Solo been on it for a while... Just to balance how it was done back in the early 80s. This is the first solo ascent of the Eiger's North Face by Eric Jones - he was one of my heros back in my climbing days, and I'd visit his cafe in North Wales for a cuppa just to see him. There were a few routes around there, one of which claimed the life of Jim Jewell - he was climbing a relatively straight-forward route solo (Severe, well within my own capabilities back then - but not solo) and slipped. Considering how he'd solo'd The Axe (E4), it's that on
  12. Agree with the above, super event, and lovely weather - was really great to see people in some remote locations with the cow bells supporting the riders. I’m not sure the woman with the saucepan and spoon up at Smiggins was too impressed when I asked if she played requests, as I huffed-and-puffed my way past. Was going well, moving from group to group, until I hit Beloka! Holy hell, that snuffed out my burning matches quickly. Happy to say I didn’t stop and managed to grind my way up it, but at the top I was blown and couldn’t work out how I’d get myself to the big climb, let alone get u
  13. I’m in wave 3 as well, all black Optus kit with a big yellow “Yes” on my arse. Will keep an eye out for your Marmite kit 😉 Wasn’t planning on any warm kit, but you’ve got me thinking! Nicely overweight and will be swearing my way up the hills trying to avoid cut-offs! i was struggling with accom, could only find places with multiple bedrooms. Luckily a mucker from work got me into his ski lodge in Jindi.
  14. Awesome! Making the most of it mate! I'm just in for the 170Km. Arrive Friday, depart Sunday.
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