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  1. Got out this morning and did my first bunchie since restrictions eased. Double Mt Pleasant in Eltham for those that know the area. It was great to get the intensity only a bunch ride can generate and then catch up with coffee afterwards. Having brilliant weather as well was just a bonus.
  2. That didn't age well 🤣
  3. Do you actually have to have crashed to exceed the theoretical maximum speed? Back when I was younger and had had less broken bones I only considered myself near maximum corner speed if I could feel the tyres start slipping and then maximum was the point where the slipping was no longer controllable.
  4. I have given up on Contis as I haven't worn out a pair in years, the sidewall always goes first. In my cupboard are 2 x Pirelli P-Zeros which I am hearing good things about.
  5. What about when you have to run uphill? I think it is the Sandringham course where you have to run up the hill to the oval for transition?
  6. It was described on one of the news sites as "Victoria introduces controversial new cyclist road rule". When every other State in Australia has introduced it, I am not sure you can describe it as controversial. Link
  7. Just started watching Long Way Up with electric Harleys
  8. Naut

    Le Tour 2020

    The peloton will often choose not to chase the break and just take it easy. If they catch the guy, others will just attack and they may have to chase them because they are dangerous. You have to look each day at what the teams motivations are and then you can work out who will chase and at what point they will chase.
  9. Naut

    Le Tour 2020

    I think a lot of the teams now can do data modelling on what is the fastest option.
  10. Naut

    Chain lube

    I hate wet lube. I was using Rock and Roll Gold because it ran really clean and smooth while fresh, but had to reapply nearly every ride. Started using Smoove and it is not quite as clean but the drivetrain is very quiet and I am getting about 250kms between applications.
  11. Naut

    Le Tour 2020

    Apparently the official elected to dismantle Roglic's bike himself and damaged it.
  12. Naut

    Le Tour 2020

    It's not often the roads look steep on TV, but last night they looked insanely steep on TV
  13. I look at it a bit like average HR, the relationship between power and average respiration rate. So if my efforts are roughly the same but my respiration rate is coming down over time, it would indicate that I am functioning more efficiently. Not super scientific, but then none of my training ever is.
  14. Yeah, my 530 does it with my Wahoo chest strap.
  15. Naut


    I live in Melbourne. I am satisfied with the job the Victorian Government is doing. I acknowledge they have made some mistakes, I have worked in Project Management far too long to believe they wouldn't. I believe that their primary driver for decision making is the health and well being of all Victorians. I am pleased the numbers are down to 40 odd a day from 700. I am relieved that the risk to my elderly parents is reducing and they are no longer living in daily fear like they were. I have no time for whinny sooks that want to spend hours harping on about how this measure or that measure
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