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  1. I’ve had 3. Great bike like lots of other brands, the biggest attraction is value for money at the higher end. Service for ordering parts has been exceptional for me, generally call me the day of an email to clarify and then the part arrives within a couple of days. The one limitation is that I have found bike shops can’t get their parts (and visibility) through normal supply chains and tend to raise their hands if there is an issue.
  2. My experience is roughly proportionate but also taking into account the damage each does to your body in training with big hours..... meaning less running and more biking/swimming. Probably then closer to 60% bike, 25% run, 15% swim. If I was training my biggest weeks at 20 hours that would be 12 hours bike, 5 hours run, 3 hours swim.
  3. Yep, I reckon I'll take option 2. I really like the thought of having the hard training in summer for option 1 (and maybe even a wetsuit swim with colder water) but doubt we'll be flying internationally without quarantine by then. Option 2 makes for a more relaxed next 12 months without any pressure to race or get super fit, maybe just do some fun events knowing focused training doesn't need to start again until at least April next year.
  4. Pretty good communication and options from Ironman: ‘I hope this note finds you and your `ohana healthy in these unprecedented times. Based on the current Hawaiian government policies and international border restrictions in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawai`i originally scheduled for October 10, 2020 will be postponed to February 6, 2021. The decision was made after careful consideration with our local partners and authorities to assess the feasibility of hosting the 2020 IRONMAN World Championship this October in accordanc
  5. Dependent on your goals, very possible. For me 60km a week will get me 90-95% of what I would guess is my max speed. 100km I think would be my personal load limit and my best possible. 32km in a single run is the most I’ve done in a marathon build. The rule of thumb is 10-15% build each week. With this in mind, you have plenty of time to reach both weekly distance and Longest run. Unless you are aiming for sub 2.30.....then no chance!
  6. I don't think any amount of training is going to get the "average" Ironman athlete under 10 hours. Using 40-44 as an average male age group and choosing Busso as one of the quickest courses around, less than 10% broke 10 hours and less than 25% broke 11 hours. I have seen many people I would consider about "average" chunk out 18 hours a week and achieve 10.30-11.30 times. I have a good mate that I would say has good triathlon genes, better than about 90% of people, and he achieved 9.59 in Busso on 9/225/50 (around 14-15hrs a week). Those numbers give about 18hrs training a we
  7. On the TA site I think it said late April the races would be confirmed. Can’t see it on mobile but read it on desktop.
  8. I’ve flown about every 3 months with a Scicon tri bag, last time a fortnight ago. At most tri races it is around 70% of the bags off the plane. No issues whatsoever on Qantas.
  9. Melt

    Busso 2019

    Triratings tried to apply some level of science to comparing Ironman courses. All the Oz courses are within 11 mins on average of each other at 9hrs. Cairns is slowest (swims and run) and Busso quickest (bike). Port Mac has the quickest run but a slower bike. Some of the differences are probably course but some are probably typical weather. That 11 mins equates to 2% difference in time across the 3 and is less than a lot of transitions I see, so the difficulty argument in Oz hasn’t got much truth to it.
  10. My 2 cents worth....I used to be rigid in limiting toys then read something from Brett Sutton that said triathletes can mix it up if it helps them swim longer with form. I now use them about 50% of my laps....... don’t think my speed has improved or declined but my swims are less boring and feel like less effort! 14min km, 53-55min IM but poor technique and certainly not a gun swimmer.
  11. Your program looks good to me for base phase, though I’d personally feel claustrophobic having to do something both morning and night so early in a season. Another alternative is a couple more bricks in the week or the weekend to keep up the frequency, but also give you more free time when it’s not your biggest life focus and you don’t want it to become grind yet. I would normally have a full rest day in base phase, but as my fitness and training ramps up I turn it into easy recovery swim e.g 2km with snorkel. Actually helps shed fatigue and allows me to focus on one less session in the w
  12. Well done, certainly steady progression over the years! Sub 2 in another 15 years!
  13. Melt

    Xiamen 70.3

    Well done on the race. I was there too and agree the run felt super hot even if the temperatures didn’t show it. The average times were a lot slower than prior years on the run.
  14. I did it on the weekend. Best organised event of the 20 or so I’ve been. The swim was long by about 200m and the opposite of prior years being against the current, bit of wind on the bike too so the pro results were pretty strong.
  15. I used a disc (1000gm direct from China) with an 808 front on the 70.3 at 80kg. Average power 220w and 2.30 time. I think the science only puts about 40 secs difference between that and the 808 over 90km - so by the time you put power meter variances and aero variances the times seem to align pretty well. Hairy legs or sleeves apparently make more of a difference, so what you feel better on is probably the best bet!
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