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  1. Hey Peter,


    ahhhh not sure how to put this......


    Its Ben (not Dani) 

  2. uberbiker

    Power meters

    I may have been on a sabbatical so I've lost touch with most things triathlon/cycling related.... Modern day power meters, whats the go kids? über
  3. In my view the changing nature of Australian pitches is attributable to all of our test playing cricket grounds being completely overhauled - fresh soil, turf and watering systems being laid. More money spent on the technology to improve consistency. This coincided with the Warne era. It also coincided with the McGrath era, the Waugh era, the Hayden era, the big four of Indian batting, Brian Lara, the South Africans (who seam to beat us at home just as much as we beat them in SA). If there was a strategy to doctor the wickets to suit Australia, it seems to be a very piss poor effort. Don't
  4. Laver was the only player to win (what is now known as) The Grand Slam in both the Amateur era (1962) and Professional era (1969) won Wimbledon 4 times as a singles player... edit to add dates
  5. Haddin dropped the First Test (Root on nought) and now Steve Smith has dropped Alistair Cook work to do now...
  6. Adelaide Oval has seen only 3 draws in the last 17 years, certainly Les Burdett has provided pitches good for the game as opposed to doctoring a wicket to suit the home team (or to limit the oppositions strengths) All great bowlers have prevailed in Adelaide, Garner, Holding, Marshall, Ambrose and Walsh from the West Indies, Lillee, Warne, McGrath and Gillespie from Australia, Allan Donald SAF, Sir Richard Hadlee NZ, Murali and other first rate bowlers who were prepared to do the hard work got/get results in Adelaide.
  7. if you are riding with 300wFTP then you are going alright
  8. Didn't realise there was a little chain ring, my bad... 54T FTW
  9. Because of the climate ​
  10. another flat f@#king tyre (throws bike)
  11. Specifically Race day live thread from IMWA 2011... but it seemed to me I couldn't search back past 10 pages
  12. Touch warm for the Mara for mine Touch under prepared albeit going wel up to 25kms when I jarred my foot and set off spasms in my ass Battled through searing pain in my glute, quad and eventually hip flexor to the finish. Aimed for 3:15, hoped for 3:30 finished with 3:45
  13. You go past the start/finish area just after 31kms... See you out there!!
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