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  1. Having qualified for the beer mile, I am planning to attend. Congratulations to all qualifiers even if you won't attend, you can claim (with pride) the fact that you qualified. Did I miss the on line link somehow?
  2. Just thinking ahead - the bottle shop may not / will not be open before 9h15, so one must acquire beer tonight.
  3. Agreed - Sitting in a auditorium hardly engages me. Making me sit for 1.5 hours without feeding me, letting me interact with peeps around me? I need to be paid to do that! I managed 20 or 30 mins then went to look for food and drink.
  4. Here's a question for the experienced hands in Cairns. I can't see any practice swim sessions before the event. Do I need to look harder, or are there other options or, or, or...?
  5. The alternative (to "Yes dear" or crocodiles) is "Sorry dear". Choose wisely.
  6. Long time stalker first time poster. On to the important questions: Will there be a beer mile?
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