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  1. Not as bad as you'd think. Generally for the cyclist. Some people even naming the company written on the trailer
  2. Horowitz

    maap sizing

    Hi, What's the sizing on maap apparel? Is it similar to Rapha, if there is anyone who has used both? While I'm here I might as well ask - is it any good? Or should I stick to Rapha? Wanted to mix it up and aesthetically I've always liked maap Thanks in advance
  3. Horowitz

    Le Tour 2020

    Wow! So glad I stayed up to watch this live.
  4. Horowitz

    Le Tour 2020

    Jesus, Richie Port is unlucky...just got a puncture at the worst possible time. Wow
  5. Horowitz

    Le Tour 2020

    Crazy how strong these domestiques are....finishing within 60 seconds of the winner on a stage like this
  6. Horowitz

    Le Tour 2020

    Anyone know where to watch tonight's stage? I don't have any subscriptions anywhere but I'm not afraid of paying for a one off to watch it tonight as it should be a great stage
  7. PSA: Entries for May 2021 Open Today
  8. Thank you, yes I'll definitely be taking insurance out from my experience with freight companies
  9. I know there was an old thread but I couldn't find it. I only found the international "flying" thread What are my options for shipping a bike from Sydney - Melbourne? Can anyone recommend a company they've been happy with in the past Thanks
  10. I know someone who works in the Swiss alps in a village at a few thousand metres elevation and there were even cases there (a lot actually proportionally to the population). The issue is these places are made up of old stubborn people who often refuse to isolate or wear masks because they have been living in this village their whole life and no-one knows anything better than them. I think they sent the Swiss army in to this specific village for a few weeks earlier in the year as people were just not isolating
  11. I don't have twitter so not sure how it works but one of the replies to the above tweet:
  12. Was there 1 hour ago and that's not the case. We were wearing masks, but were among the very very few.
  13. I'm in the next suburb from Potts Point Got tested over the weekend as I had symptoms, thankfully negative. Was passing through Potts Point 15mins ago and it's crazy how many people are still not wearing masks The area right on the border of Kings Cross still has a high rate of homelessness and drug dependants (although it's been "cleaned up" massively over the past years). It's easy to see how it can spread so quickly in areas like this
  14. I didn't realise I was that addicted to sugar till I did it. I had one soft drink every 6 months, and generally thought I was pretty good with it but I clearly wasn't. Would cave once a fortnight and just smash a bar of kitkat or something similarly horrible. Main reason was weight loss but funnily enough that ended up being the least important benefit I got from all of it. I obviously lost a lot and that was great, but what it opened my eyes to were the other things mentioned
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