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  1. Hi Andy, I bought a 520 late last year and happy to trade that and some extra cash if your keen? Cheers....Dave
  2. Hey all, what are those who know the course suggesting to use for Wheel choice? and rear cassette? I've seen the strava Rog (thanks by the way!) posted and the climbs look short and very sharp?
  3. +1 to Alex, just ride your normal rides and get a sense for the data you get from the power meter
  4. I do a two short weights sets (Monday and Friday) they're around 30 minutes long. Once specific core set on Wednesday's of about 45 min. Weights include squats, seated rows, Bench press, hamstring curl, standing lat pulldown, single leg calf raises, reverse fly, skipping or plyometric. 2 sets of 15 reps
  5. Hi Folks, does anyone know of a good place to get you carbon bike painted? Ta...
  6. I've read a few things on HRV (heart rate variability) as a method of checking if your recovering enough after a training session and downloaded an iPhone apps to have a play with, does anyone have any experience with this? If so positive/negative? What app do you use and what do you watch for?
  7. I'm happy to help out, I've done about 10 HIM's and 3 IM's (one Kona).
  8. 2009 cervelo P3 58cm Duraace shifters and dérailleurs Ultegra brake calipers SRAM s900 170mm crankset Fizik airione saddle Zipp Vuka aero bars (chip off the left side) Shimano rs30 wheels Done a few km's but still in good nick, seriously fast bike Suit someone 6' 1 or above Cheap to a good home $900
  9. Saw Luke Mac out running two days ago, looking lean and strong....hope he gives it a nudge
  10. Dave Brassey M50-54 Ist kona Bib 539 Qualified at Busso Just had dinner at the Kona canoe club overlooking the swim course....magical!
  11. Thanks Rog, looks like the sub 8 are going to be replaced, But not soon! I can't find any anywhere so will have to look at other shoes
  12. I've been trying to track down a pair of BONT sub 8 or 9 and had no success, the last comment was they have been discontinued? I'm a size 47 so pretty run of the mill, does anyone know where they can still be had?
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