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  1. 1. Brownlee 2. Louis 3. Sanders 1. Watkinson 2. Haug 3. Findlay
  2. GPC - Geelong Performance Coaching
  3. A shodow/outline may remain due to the carbon being in the sun. I found this with mine and will simply take time to even out. By end of a summer it should hopefully fade/blend in
  4. I currently have one and have been waiting for the new speed concept. This and the new Shimano groupset was something I thought we might have seen already. Are you able to say what you heard? Expected launch date? sticking with rim only?
  5. For that money you could get a Trek Speed concept with ultegra and I think it’s fair to say the speed concept is a better bike than the entry speedmax
  6. Who can actually afford one? $20k for the top end without a disc rear wheel... only 2 year warranty No store support I think Canyon have created something great for the pro's but not sure how many are going to spend these prices
  7. I don't have one but a couple of friends do. Just comparing my experience of owning a Trek vs their experience. One had a frame that needed replacing and they said it was a major hassle. I had an issue with a Trek part and they simply replaced straight away. Trek or other in store brands can discuss face to face. Trek has life time warranty on the frame and with any parts I can simply speak to them to discuss. With Canyon its all online. With Trek I don't pay for shipping. Canyon you do. In store you can negotiate the price, Canyon don't. (In my experience) I have considered
  8. I would say it will depend what Shimano chooses to do next. They are over due for an update and what they do with that update could completely change the list of pros and cons. Sram and Shimano were compatible however the new Sram groups is designed to only work with those specific parts. Shimano may choose to do something similar in the next evolution of their group sets
  9. I have seen this article going around and surprisingly even on mainstream TV. Must be a slow news day. Looked to me like they were battling it out shoulder to shoulder and a mistake was made. Not sure why he needed to stop and give up the spot. Agree, its in the rules to know the course.
  10. https://triathlonmagazine.ca/feature/will-the-ironman-world-championship-take-place-next-february/ https://www.archyde.com/is-ironman-hawaii-2020-taking-place-in-february-2021/
  11. First choice would be the Look 795 blade Second Willier Cento 10 NDR Third choice not on that list would be the Cannonade supersix (understated and classy) Fourth choice also not on that list would be the Scott addict I know the last 2 aren't full aero bike but if you want light with aero characteristics then they are also worth a look
  12. I ride a speed concept but to be honest I think Trek over charges for their madone and the emonda needs an update.
  13. Its highly likely that international travel won't happen this year. We are in a better position than most countries so I could see that Australia and New Zealand could still have a 20/21 season however would Ironman still run these events without any internationals? Currently I'm entered in 70.3 Port Mac and 70.3 Melbourne and thing these can only be run as Domestic events. I don't see Kona or 70.3 worlds happening this year. I have entered Roth for 2021 and thats still wishful thinking.
  14. Have you done Ironman Mont Tremblant? I am looking to do the race next year and interested to hear your thoughts on the race but mostly on travel logistics. Did you fly to Montreal? How did you organise accommodation? Location and distance from transition? Any advice and tips you can provide is much appreciated
  15. I think its difficult to say one thing is the cause... I believe in aligned action. By this I mean taking actions that align with my values which also helps me feel good. I love animals so I don't want to support animal abuse in any way. I care about the environment so an example of this I am taking steps now by trying to do no rubbish and keep any plastics and limit the amount of fuel I use each month. I care about health and wellbeing so research about what I consume is one of those actions but so is reading in general, exercise, meditation, connecting with people and nature, rest, limit
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