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  1. My cost to pool entry is minimal as I can use a pool for free. As I coach I have wondered if I can put any of my triathlon expenses through for tax Here is a bit of a list that I have TRIATHLON EXPENSES: Flights: $500 Accommodation: $1,500 per year (eg 5 nights for an Ironman and 1-2 nights for 70.3) Race entries: (1-2 IM, 2x70.3, 2 sprints = $2,500-$3,000 per year) Running shoes: $1,000 per year Bike servicing: ($200 per serviceX3 = $600 per year) Swim equipment: $300 per year (bathers, goggles, anti fog, anti chaffe) Zwift: $22 per month = $264 per
  2. So, I have never been very good with my finances, budgeting or even knowing what my income or expenses are. Only recently have I started to really get an idea of how much my income goes this sport. My estimation is 10K or 20% of my annual income post tax. I understand finances can be a sensitive subject and something many don't want to discuss or disclose and I respect. I'm personally sharing because I want to get a better understanding of what is I guess considered normal within our sport and how you best manage your finances
  3. The only updates I listen to are the ones that come from bert40
  4. Thanks so much for the updates. Greatly appreciated
  5. Pretty amazing effort by the community. how are the roads looking?
  6. I would say it’s likely to go ahead but without the swim
  7. I think they will make the call Thursday
  8. They should stop putting the dates on the merch. celebrate the edition eg 35th running of Ironman Australia but lose the date
  9. The Shimano centennial website is counting down to midnight tonight thoughts on what we will see? the release of the new 9200? will we see any bike manufactures announce a new bike with the Shimano DA9200
  10. I would say one of the biggest limiting factors is the UCI rule book.
  11. Except in a marathon the pace always goes backwards. They might be behind schedule in the swim but possibly ahead on the bike or behind on the bike and ahead on the run. I guess we will have to wait and see
  12. But she will get bored at that pace and go right by them
  13. I don't think it was her choice. Specialized has cut a number from their stables. She has made comments in her video on instagram that makes me think it wasn't a clean break up.
  14. I think F1 showed in 2020 that sporting events can still we done in a covid era
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