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  1. Hi, I am co-ordinating the Bare Creek Trail Run for St Ives Park Public School. This is a great event and as a triathlete I think the majority of triathletes would enjoy it. It is fun as it is in the National Park which is a beautiful place to run. It is also challenging as it is on trails and the path is a good path to run on, details below. Any questions please email me at info@barecreektrailrun.com Bare Creek Trail Run is on Sunday 2 November 2014 starting at St Ives Park Public School, Acron Rd, St Ives. The run is mainly on trails in the Garigal National Park. Like to Join? Full i
  2. I run a swim squad at Terrey Hills Swim Centre on Thursday evenings, starting at 19:00 (winter - terms 2 & 3) or 19:30 (summer - terms 1 & 4). for further details refer here http://trifocus.com.au/triathlon-swim-sessions-terrey-hills-sydney/ feel free to contact me if you want.
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