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  1. 3 years ago, Stikman's kid would only eat beige. This is tonight's dinner.
  2. More than I got last night. That is all.
  3. Katz


    And we'd like to keep it that way?
  4. Katz


    I think a penny just dropped. Forgive me if everyone except me has already figured this out....... So, is this why it is referred to as a brazillian wax? Because you have to take it all off to allow for the brazilian bikini?
  5. Katz


    You're lucky, I'm 2b. LOL
  6. I like the audible warning, so if I'm not paying attention, I can still be alerted. I also like that it gives an idea of the speed at which the vehicle is coming. I also like that the light changes, attracting the attention of a driver as they come up behind.
  7. Katz

    2020 totals

    Swim: 92.9km Bike: 3750km Run: 669km Dear me. And I have very little to rely on by way of excuse for such shitty numbers. Must do better.
  8. Watching the video, it looked as though the owner of the vehicle found it same day thanks to Facebook and the car recovered same day. The bloke was arrested 3 days later at the home the vehicle was found. He was refused bail, unsurprisingly, and remains in custody.
  9. I used to live just up the hill a bit on scenic parade. Like the next block. From the second dead end I mean. Not the first.
  10. I'm two minutes in. Know the roads and it's hilarious. "Don't turn down that way!" "Why are you going that way???" LOL This is gold. Thank you. :D
  11. What a shame it's been removed. I was looking forward to a bit of stupid from my home town.
  12. I did one of the early VR races and was going to buy a visor, just for the souvenier value of it being such a weird year. Never got around to it though.
  13. Katz


    I think here, I could be wrong, you get tested on day 11 and still stay in quarantine till 14 days.
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