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  1. Peter, it's often how you say it that is the problem. And I suspect you know that, and are now just being intentionally inflammatory. Please stop.
  2. Katz

    IMWA 2020

    You're signed up? We're going to sign up once IM put their tents up.
  3. That is 100% not the way they are teaching us to be physios.
  4. Did you give it a period of relative de-loading? Like they told you to? Did you do the strengthening exercises? Like they told you to? Did you work on any maladaptive movement patterns? Like they told you to? Did you do a graduated return to activity? Like they told you to? Or did you do what the majority of athletes do and go along, get passive treatment and once it started to feel a bit better go back to your usual level of activity until it broke again?
  5. Katz


    The lawyer in me would like to point out, ones opinion can never prove anything 'beyond a reasonable doubt', which is a legal principle and nothing more. The student scientist in me loves that I can read an RCT or Systematic Review on a topic I have not the single slightest clue about and know whether the results are valid and reliable. That's not something you can do with a 22 page report of someone's opinions, regardless of how well educated they are on the topic they are expressing an opinion on. And like (I think it was ) AJ, suggested, the number of ****s I give about where this
  6. I think I am both, but more mouth than nose. This is why I suck at tumbleturns. Well, part of the reason.
  7. Interestingly, this morning I have woken with a swollen arm. Visibly swollen which is interesting.
  8. Second Pfizer yesterday. Appears IN am in the 20% who have some 'blah' symptoms after the second one. Stonking headache during he night, chills and sweats all night. Nausea. Still feeling cruddy today. Wasn't keen once I was eating breakfast but am starving now. Hopefully it doesn't last long. Feel shite.
  9. Katz


    Utterly selfish SOBs.
  10. Katz


    This will likely help improve numbers over here also. Sorry it's so big. I don't know how to make it smaller.
  11. Katz


    I'll be an extra one fully vaccinated by this time tomorrow.
  12. As at today's date, this Saturday is the 15th, next Saturday is the 22nd. Stikman and I discuss this regularly also.
  13. Katz


    Is there enough vaccine in Aus to vaccinate more? If not, what are they supposed to do? I'm under 50 so can't have AZ (though would if was given the option), but there isn't enough Pfizer available to allow me to get vaccinated using my allied health worker status.
  14. Haha, definitely not.
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