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  1. Stikman and I have signed up.
  2. Whoa, hold up a second. I got the distance of the run wrong up above. It was only 1km. There's no way he can run that fast for 2kms. LOL The swim was 200m, bike ended up 5km and the run 1km.
  3. He said it hurt a little bit. And for the record, the bike was 5kms by my Garmin, not the 4km as suggested it would be. Yeah, it was. A whole host of GK, TWA board, TOs and Event Crew athletes having grudge matches. Made it even funner. Though we were talking about what the newbies must have thought about what might have been considered 'their' race being taken over by 0% body fat and disc wheels.
  4. We might be a few of the only active triathletes around here these days Zed.
  5. This is about the only time either me or Stikman are likely to be anywhere near the front of the pack. And surprisingly, there was a grudge match of some bloody fast blokes playing out on the field. Included the two first out of the water doing butterfly the whole way with aero helmets on backwards during the swim. It was a fun race. LOL
  6. Can be two or three. Or you can individual. Or you can have a team of three and everyone does all three legs. http://www.busseltonfestivaloftriathlon.com.au/funman-teams-triathlon
  7. Haha, I know, right? It should be amusing.
  8. 200m /4km / 2km as a team. I'm doing the bike, Stikman is doing the swim and run. We're just doing it in our official capacities as neither of us are racing the main event. He's TO'ing and I'm manning the Club tent, but that's it. So we figured we'd better do something race-like.
  9. Katz

    New Logo etc

    Hahaha, I was not. Or if I was around, I wasn't involved in it, or following it.
  10. Katz

    New Logo etc

    Arm warmers?? In summer? I like headsweats. Don't know Boco. Regardless, elastic back and black underside of the brim, I'm happy. And I was just running with the old tired joke. But if they're coming...yay!
  11. Katz

    New Logo etc

    So when will the visors with the new logo be available?
  12. We're staying down and 'racing' FunMan in the morning on Sunday before heading home.
  13. Katz

    IMWA 2020

    Well that's confusing.
  14. Prescription diet dry food for dental maintenance in the morning, controlled serve, from an automatic feeder and a small tin each of 'special tins' or 'super tins' at night. Special and super refers to the relative expense of the tiny tins. They also lick plates/bowls and 'help' in the kitchen while I am cooking. This consists primarily of supervising and hoping something falls on the floor. Two of the three will shamelessly steal any food, cooked, raw, frozen if left unattended in the kitchen. The third prefers to lick plastic bags and wrappers cause he's a weirdo. One was the
  15. Katz

    IMWA 2020

    I'll fix that....... You been to Aldi yet for the peanut corn thingos?
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