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  1. I have somethnig from Anaconda. The clamp wind out and expand quite wide, but I have also wrapped and taped towels on the clamp so i dont damage my frame. I also dont go ballistic when clamping down. I think it cost about $100. My father in law has one from Aldi, and that quite good as well. I am no professional mechaic, so it suits my needs of swapping wheels, changing chains, cleaning etc.
  2. I cant handle another Pro’s who equally annoys me, as well as love them. Any interview with Adam is like any interview or reflection with Lionel Sanders. He thinks way too deeply about everything. I hope he has the right people from the start and listens to them from start to finish.
  3. Following you around on the race course would be like chasing a piñata that’s broken loose 😂😂😂
  4. Honestly, im yet to find a nice sleek one for a rounded toptube bike. All the material ones need 3+ velco straps around tubes, and they always seem a pain to get into on the move because they fold or flex too much. If you bike has the screws already in the top tube for a nice sleeker one, the market has heaps. Usually hard rubber or plastic
  5. In terms of integration, it's by far one of the best I've seen. The trek box, cervelo bottom bracket, specialized drink bladder, and the out front bento box. It looks the absolute business. If I was on the hunt for a new TT bike, and wanted a top end everything, this would be top of the list
  6. For me, I ruined the sport for myself. I became to 'results focused' and was never happy with what I was personally doing. My relationship with myself and how I viewed the sport was bad. I took a few years off because I couldn't keep going lime that. Did something else for 2 years, then I started to miss it again. Now I truly enjoy racing myself, setting my goals, seeing my friends racing, and acknowledging to yourself no one cares if you come first or 50. People will still be happy for you.
  7. Watching something ordinary on tv, i started to ponder. Why don't wetsuits just go 5mm from toes to upper chest, back and front, and leave shoulders for more stretchy neoprene? Like boats, isn't the less your down in the water, the faster you move across and through. Why do we complicate it with 117 different panels of varying degrees of thickness. Aren't we just creating more brittle wetsuits with more seams and different thickness' pushing and pulling on those seams and the way they flex.
  8. Ok $200 i might have got savings and cart price wrong hahaha
  9. Awesome review, i commute a shit load and currently use one of those $25 chinese LED lights because I need the light for the paths, and the bright flood light is good. An All in 1 is sweet
  10. These bad boys are smashing my Facebook at the moment after I was sucked into one if their ads. Customised Goggles that fit properly, my dream. I've always struggled to get goggles to fit me. At $200ish has it priced itself out of the market? Would you buy a set customised to you? Has anybody got a pair?
  11. If you like the traditional diamond, check out specialized's new bike. Simple and beautiful.
  12. I reckon these two would be the leaders. The ability to flip the rack down with bikes still locked in, when opening the wagon boot would be my priority when my kids are bigger. Ive also seen people go 4 on the roof with two forward facing, and two rearward facing. Looks pro, but they have low cars, not 4x4
  13. Hahaha honestly ASO and UCI are just as curupt as FIFA. The mere threat of the race getting a bad headline and they fold faster then a $5 note. Rule? What rule? We never said it was a rule.
  14. Yeah - I forgot for a moment who is governing the sport hahaha. Testing on the Wednesday next week then.
  15. So the 4 teams on the brink of being excluded due to positive cases in the support staff are Ineos, Mitchelton, Cofidis and AG2R. 1 more person in their team bubble tests positive, and the team are gonski from the tour yeah?
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