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  1. Yikes - the men need to take 35mins off the current record of Jan 7:35 at Roth, and the women need to drop 18mins of Chrissie's Roth record. Broken down, thats an 8% improvement for the men to make that sub 7 time, and 4% improvement for the women for sub 8. To put that in context, the Nike sub 2hr project, Eliud Kipchoge had to find 0.85% to break the 2hr mark. Another reference is Jan's perfect Kona is 2019. He went 7:51 and broke the course record. Patrick Lange in 2018 went 7:52. That is only 0.2% improvement, and that was seen as a huge moment for the sport. Even with
  2. So, i was running with a group of athletes and the topic came up "Why do you have to run intervals?" Personally, ive never questioned it, I do bike and swim intervals, all with differnt speeds or power zones, so running intervals made sense, its what 'must' be done to get faster. In this group of triathletes though, most of the real fast athletes 3:20 - 3:40km pace runners, admitted they either run easy all the time, or do 1-2 tempo workouts a week, if they wanted to mix it up. No hard interval running though. Their reason - they can run more over a week, compared to taking a day or 2 to
  3. I like the look of the cube, but all of the new super bikes are probably pretty much line ball aero wise. It has to be a money move. She would be getting paid mega, as she would be easily be the biggest fish in the marketing pool. I wonder if a move from specialized, and all the extra things that brand has access to will hurt her performances.
  4. Ok, so what's the solution. You say triathletes have terrible positions, or don't ride on the bars at all, but the next comment is bike fitters push their own agendas or formulas. What's the solution then. Just keyboard bash people having a crack, riding bikes they love?
  5. I don't own a disc bike, but my god there are some super clean disc bikes out there. I think they look great.
  6. 2021: - Kona will be a pro only race. AG slots won't be rolled over and be given credit only (unfortunately). - Triathlon will swell again in Australia - All sporting equipment will be uber expensive this year. Shops can't get enough stock atm. - short course venue tri's will take off
  7. Yeah, fair enough, that is a point of difference, but for most of us, a very very very small segment move bikes on that quick. (Says a guy riding a 2008 Cervelo) hahaha. Now let’s discuss Wiggle’s shit return policy when the rest of the online clothes world offers free returns for incorrect sizes haha.
  8. I read it like this. 2 years warranty, take photos, get approval, pack your shit and wait for another one. Its on Canyon. 6 year gaurantee if something goes wrong after the 2 years, same process, only this time pack your shit, and you pay for all the shipping and related fees.
  9. 2 year warranty on bikes that never leave the road. Pretty shit
  10. I didn't mind it, but athletes who were being lapped, or coming through the field just dropping in was hard to keep up with. Almost need a blue flag like motor racing if being lapped. Slow down and let the whole pack past. Also athletes in general dropping in on the bike line, we've all been there and it's annoying. I think in IM brand racing you have to commit to a proper pass
  11. This would have been pretty good, but timing is everything. Some of the biggest pro’s are dropping out, and I’d except a couple more come race day with those climbing COVID numbers. I do wonder, if this had been a Pro only race, with a bubble created for the athletes, would they have still come?
  12. Hey, I've recently moved down and need some new mates hahaha. I'm keen on joining in on sessions, rides, runs, anything really. Im finding all the solo sessions a bit boring and having people kick me into shape would be super. Feel free to DM me, or reply on here.
  13. No issues, slight tweak to limit screws, but as long as you don’t try to ride 50 -32 you’ll be sweet. Actually you said 30, bang it up there, and if you derailleur stretches all the way along the chain stay, you don’t do that again.
  14. 2 year warranty. Enough said. I look at it like car warrenty, the less warrenty, the less confidence in their product. Warrenty matters to me.
  15. I agree with Macka. Canyon seemed to have come back to the field in pricing. Once really good, now seemed middle of the pack. For example, you can pick up a Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 2 TT bike, with better components, integrated aero bottles and components and a power meter for the same price at a CF 7.0 and you can see it in store with local bike shop support as Macka mentioned. The Canyons are sexy though 🙂
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