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  1. Used Pushys and generally have a good experience, used Bikebug and found their customer service attitude poor as - never again, don’t deserve the business - I always support local where possible and that especially includes local bikes shops
  2. Safes as houses up here in Qld Sunny Coast 70.3 ..... Mr Optimistic 👌
  3. Ok so replying to my own post 😀... for those that may be interested. ordered the Speedmax on Wednesday 8th July and delivered to my door on Thursday 16th July 11:00am, pretty good service IMO. happy triathlon‘ing folks....
  4. Gregor, did you end up getting a Speedmax, I am looking at them now and interested in your experience if you ended up with purchasing? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi People Anyone purchased a Canyon bike recently (sorta during the last 2-3months) ? Interested to understand what sort of delivery times you may have experienced, especially during COVID era..... thanks
  6. Thanks Dazmuzza - great to hear from real life experiences 👍
  7. Thanks everyone, so really comes down to preference, costs seem to be similar and the SRAM AXS seem to be more innovative and slightly ahead of the game in bringing the wireless system to market with Shimano coming later and potentially/possibly at a significant cost / paired with Dura Ace only (initially anyway) from my sources of research. I might just take the lunge and give SRAM a go - cheers and thanks for the input.
  8. Thanks for that, I have heard easier to set up but surprised to learn you need to charge as often as you do vs. Di2 - AXS seems like a great innovation and excited about it but still unsure - appreciate the feedback - cheers
  9. I am sure the SRAM vs Shimano Case has been debated many times and might also have your typical diehard supporters in each camp, but I am a novice Triathlete When it comes to these types of group sets keen to understand any serious negatives about why I should not but SRAM over Shimano. I know the Shimano mkt share is greater etc etc and my LBS sells both systems but was raving about the SRAM AXS. I am in process if buying/building a new Tri Bike and the LBS was keen for me to use SRAM AXS, after my research it seems to be the go, but I have never used SRAM, concerned about number o
  10. Hi folks well done to all those that competed at Port this weekend - heard it was a great weekend and good luck to all those getting ready for Cairns .... I am in the market for a Specialized Shiv - Large - not too old...... If anyone is considering selling now or in the next month or two - please feel free to PM me and hopefully we can help each other out - I am based in Brisbane but travel interstate on a regular basis .... Thanks and safe training ..... Cheers Clayte
  11. Any idea on how many people race each year in Busso for the full IMWA ? Also be interested to compare numbers to Port and Cairns
  12. well Cranky, Goughy , you may have found someone with less Tech knowledge than Cranky!! I suspect that all these wheels are really really good and that the 'others' have all started catching up to the 'brand names' and as such I suspectI the 'others' would more than suffice for an amateur like myself and be more aligned with my budget Cadens seem to have excellent reports everywhere, so reckon he might be the go for me..... but thanks for the chatter today / yesterday, brought a smile to my face !
  13. Hi Cranky I am venturing into investing in some wheels, I am not a 'serious' athlete but it has been suggested that I should invest in some wheels and I am happy to buy new from someone like Cadens wheels (vs. Zipp at twice the price) - are you happy with your Cadens, seems like good reports generally on his wheels and happy to support a local Aussie - as I said, I am not serious enough to justify to huge $$$'s just on wheels ! Any advice or thoughts? Thanks
  14. Clayte

    920XT $295 shipped

    Looks like a bargain, but any issues with buying a US Version (or should we buy a EU Version) ?
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