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  1. Looks like the fun race was well attended too?
  2. How's the triathlon season going in Victoria? Got any races coming up?
  3. Swim was perfect, windy on the bike and a bit warm on the run. But overall pretty good. Great vibe down there. Awesome for the event and the sport in WA. Busso 70.3 in May has really taken a hammering the last few years with swim cancellations, storms and dwindling numbers, so it was important this race went well. No idea about the WC spots. I would imagine very few would have taken them. It seems international travel in and out of Australia for 2021 is looking increasingly unlikely.
  4. Swim was great. Bike was windy and run felt warm. New run course was good and plenty of spectators.
  5. Yeah the last 3 run splits for the winner have been 2.42, 2.41, 2.39. So he won't win with anything slower than 2.45. He can win Kona, any of the top 10 probably could, but he will need luck, the right weather and he will need a few of the top guys to be out. The top 3 are 39, 39 and 36. So they don't have a heap of time left in the sport. He will never beat Frodo (whilst he's in peak shape) but once him and a few others depart he has a chance.
  6. I think people get excited about pro cyclists coming into the sport assuming they would be able to dominate simply because of their cycling prowess. Maybe a few decades ago this would have been the case, but now the top guys are close to elite in all 3 disciplines. It's not like a pro cyclist is going to come into the sport and stick 10mins+ on the rest of the pack. Andrew Talanksy had the fastest bike split in Ironman Canada, but 2nd was 1min behind, the rest of the pack was 2 - 3 mins behind. He swam 8 minutes slower than the fastest swim split and ran 40 mins slower than the fastest ru
  7. I had one for my P2 but sold it with the bike. I think Torhans do a bigger one now? The one I have now is a Profile Design one I think which is just as small. There are bigger ones, but are too wide for my BMC. I now stick some gels in my aero bottle on the down tube as well as Bento.
  8. I'll see if I can get a team together.
  9. I wish I'd known about that, would prefer that to the 70.3!
  10. I use a hard shell Torhans one. They look better than the velcro ones, but fit f**k all in them. Not sure who designs them, clearly not a long course triathlete! You can get about 4 - 5 gels in.
  11. I'm a Lionel and Wurf fanboy, they are both great for the sport. I guess the focus of Kona is because they are the World Champs. But as you pointed out earlier, it's a shame that it is only once race as it only suits triathletes with a certain skillset e.g ability to cope with the heat.
  12. The game has changed in the last few years with the likes of AB, Frodo etc who are all great swimmers, great bikers and great runners. As evidenced by Lionel's struggle last year to get back to the front, if you're not with the lead swim pack, it's pretty much all over. You can't give up 6, 7 minutes on the swim and expect to make it back on the bike. And even if someone could they would still need to lay down a 2.40 marathon. Wurf, Lionel etc are improving with their swim and run, but these guys aren't going to start swimming 46mins and running sub 2.40. I really hope both of them podium
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