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  1. Yup it is! You'd be gutted if u came off. U could probably put together a very light, quick bike for crits pretty cheaply.
  2. She's never raced an Ironman has she?
  3. The UK tends to be a bit different with it's sport stars (FatPom to confirm). I'm pretty sure the Brownlees are household names and I wouldn't be surprised if Lucy was. They tend to get behind their successful athletes no matter how obscure the sport!
  4. In 2022. Not this year. We can't travel till 2022, I'd imagine most countries are in a similar boat?
  5. I'm training for Port 2 Pub (25km), most peeps I know are doing 90% of their training in the ocean, but I'm doing most of my training in the pool. I feel I'm getting better value for money squad swimming, than swimming 4km straight in the ocean.
  6. Definitely not for Age Groupers, I would imagine even if it was opened up for Agers most countries wouldn't be able to fly there e.g Australia. Realistically how many people are going to do 4 weeks quarantine? So would IM run the race just for the Pros? Are they going to be able to close roads just for 80 people and that's assuming they all turn up. I suppose if IM were in a better spot financially you could say they would move heaven and earth to make sure the World Champs happens, even if they run it at a massive loss, but they simply can't afford to do that. From a marketing perspe
  7. around 7 - 7.5 hours. I'm normally in bed by 8.30 haha. When tired from training, a 20min nanna nap takes me from feeling completely knackered to OK. Which is strange, because 20minutes isn't much.
  8. Interesting! I like the GTN and GCN channels. I would have thought the S5 would be quicker.
  9. Yeah I was gobsmacked at how big some of the high profile SEALS are e.g Marcus Luttrell 6'5 and 110kgs, I know some big guys can run, but I've never seen anyone that size run well, but like you said I guess they got big post selection.
  10. The initial testing phase for the majority of special forces is pretty achievable for most, it gets harder as you progress I guess. Whether these are still current I don't know, but the British SAS would run candidates through the standard army fitness test e.g 2.4km in 10.30 minutes, US Seals do something similar and during BUDs would have the candidates doing 6km runs in under 32mins, but that's on sand in boots. My mates nephew ditched a career in the NRL and went for SAS selection, as soon as he got off the plane at Pearce Air base, they got the candidates to run a 5km time trial, anyone o
  11. Yeah that's 2 hours quicker than me! Not too shabby for his first crack.
  12. Yeah it would be good to see him do well, although Kona is a different animal. You don't know how anyone is going to go till they get there. I thought Brownlee was in with a good chance of getting on the podium, but he capitulated big time. Not sure how you would describe his Kona race, I was a bit surprised with how he raced. He's super competitive and aggressive, but I thought he would have raced a bit smarter when he got his flat. He'll win it one day I'm sure, but needs to change the way he races when he's racing Ironman/Kona.
  13. Yeah I don’t know about that. There have been some bizarre equipment choices over the years from the pros. The pro that rode Gatorskins at Kona, Sanders with the Camelbak, pros riding with no spares, pros that don’t know how to change tyres and/or not carrying right equipment e.g Norm Stadler Kona. And the worlds are a great marketing opportunity. Scott want Brownlee riding the Plasma because that’s what triathletes will buy, they’re not interested in a 10k roadie.
  14. Brownlee's Plasma is almost 10kg compared to a top road bike which would be 6.8kg. That's a shitload of extra weight when you're climbing!
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