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  1. Goose is well and truely cooked. Although there is a new micro-brewery next door. Every cloud...
  2. zed

    Couch to Kona

    I don't know. It seems you're describing a race with a well planned bike route, plenty of time and space for peeps compared to the clusterfu*k that was South Africa.
  3. zed

    Couch to Kona

    It does depend on the race, but a few races spring to mind where it was virtually impossible not to draft especially when you're the last wave. South Africa 70.3 worlds we were the last wave and 3000 guys ahead of us. The first portion was busy, but manageable as it was on a dual carriageway, then it turned off onto what is best described as a narrow, winding country lane. As we came round the corner there was a massive peleton of 100+ riding at 28km/hr, riding 2 abreast. Impossible to get past. So we just sat at the back chatting, enjoying the view until a TO came and pinged a whole bunch of
  4. zed

    Couch to Kona

    I guess what Peter is saying is, there are people who wouldn't have podiumed and/or KQ without drafting. Lange would never have won Kona without drafting. There are some that stick to the rules and still achieve their goals, but I would speculate they would be in the minority.
  5. zed

    Couch to Kona

    What is the latest on Kona 2021? Most likely just Pros?
  6. zed

    Couch to Kona

    It's probably those gumby GPS goggles he's wearing! If he wants to know his pace, he can just time alert on his watch. Works great.
  7. zed

    Couch to Kona

    A crude calculation, I got 1.17 pace, but came up with 1.24min/100m by adding 3 - 4s for the speedsuit (which is what I get in my swimskin) plus adding another 4s as it's a 25 yard pool. Most peeps quote their pace in a 50m pool. I'm around 4-5s quicker in a 25m pool. It was a bit of a reality check going back to a 50m pool in December after 8 months of being in a 25m pool! I think Brendon Ford has done a video analysis of LS's swim technique, but I've not watched it. Didn't know he's now slower than he used to be!
  8. zed

    Couch to Kona

    haha yeah it's definitely happened in WA with sprint OD and 70.3. 50-54 is lightening quick. Top 3 - 4 tend to be quick, but then it tails off whereas the younger age groups you have much more depth.
  9. zed

    Couch to Kona

    I think there comes a point where some degree of talent is required. As is evidenced by Lionel Sanders, he is throwing a significant amount of time and money at improving his swimming and not improving a hell of a lot. I think he averaged 1.24min/100m for a 1000 yard TT. I've adjusted the pace as it was in a 25 yard pool. And that's pretty slow for a professional triathlete who has committed a significant amount of time and resources. Also I think it depends on the AG, and who turns up. 3 years ago I flatted twice and was 20mins of KQ, a year later in tougher conditions times were 30min+
  10. I know it's pathetic. 1 day out of their lives that they have 5 months to prepare for!
  11. I wonder how rolldown will go in Cairns. It's going to be pretty impossible to get to Hawaii from Australia or we can but will have to quarantine?
  12. zed


    It seems that way. I guess we were expecting the vaccine to have a definitive impact, instead there are multiple variants and no real guarantee that lockdowns won't keep on been necessitated. I read in the news (albeit the daily fail) that the UK could be back in lockdown in July. And whilst these uncertainty continues we will be shut off from the rest of the world. Which i don't disagree with. From what my mates in the UK have told me, it's been horrendous. Some of them live in apartment blocks with young kids and everyone is going nuts.
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