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  1. Magic, thanks. Turns out a friend got theirs repaired through them as well, need to get it sorted before Port
  2. My trusty 2XU wettie split along the right, front chest/arm seam if that makes any sense? It's about 7 years old, but given I tend to only use it to race it's very low mileage for it's age (much like me) Wouldn't trust myself to glue it back together again, is there anyone on/near north shore Sydney who could repair it, or confirm it's beyond feasible repair? Thanks! Kanga
  3. What you do run on the front, compact or standard?
  4. I could probably challenge your for that title ...
  5. All the cool kids are Pirates www.pirateshipoffools.co.uk
  6. Thanks guys, will check out of the Sydney bike shops with demo stock and report back.
  7. kanga

    Pay it Forward

    Hey pieman, gratefully received, thanks!
  8. Any decisions Macka? Curious to know how you got on. I've fallen out of love with the Fizik Arione that came with my 2008 Saracen roadie. Wasn't too bad at first but even with decent padded knicks it starts to hurt after 50k's, and being well over racing weight at the mo it's even more noticeable. T1 at Port looked like an Adamo showroom which suggest they have a good product and/or marketing, but never ridden one myself. Any recommendations for Sydney bike shops that offer saddle trials/try before you buy? Not something I fancy buying online and hoping for the best Thanks, K.
  9. kanga

    Pay it Forward

    Hey Pieman, I'd appreciate the Total Immersion book if you still have it? Read the first half years ago from the local library, but didn't finish it before having to return it. I'm a slower reader than swimmer! Thanks, K.
  10. And can I can up/down events on the day ?
  11. I've done IM distance races that included relay teams, rolling starts and other variations, didn't put me off the experience but then I'm not gunning for Kona. Imagine it helps the organiser's profits to have one lot of road closures/council hassles etc, and with the right timing to seperate the masses as much as possible, should be doable. Done many marathons with shorter distances on at the same time, but obviously shorter distances, no transitions, less numbers etc etc. Accomodation will be worse though, have to book a bed months before booking a race entry.
  12. kanga


    Still mulling over a new trainer and favouring the Jetblack whisper drive. See 99 bikes now have them for $519 instore if you pay $5 to join their 'club', plus a few more bucks for a spare cassette to leave on the trainer. http://www.99bikes.com.au/trainer-jetblack-whisperdrive-wheel-off
  13. Seems surprising someone so particular would a) buy second hand, and off the web, although on a 'no payment upfront' basis. Being particular doesn't make him dodgy, but if he and/or his LBS are very particular it could turn into a more expensive fix. A second opinion from another LBS ? A rebuild for one spoke on wheels you had no issue with sounds OTT, but then I know nowt about wheels.
  14. Came to the same conclusion, has to be better a better option, found Evolution/Kickr but barfed at the price, found the JetBlack. Anyone got one or nudged Chuckie?
  15. Thanks! Don't get on the forum often but heard about this from a parkrun friend
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