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  1. As MissJess said, we're teaming on Sunday.. as I've only been doing swim training I'm swimming... have entered enticer with the sole aim being to finish. I'm not expecting much as I haven't run since Nepean 2015 and only did 6km on bike at tri pink in October 2016. My 7 month old daughter will be learning how to support crew!
  2. I'm not able to get there at all which is a bit of a shame but hope you all have a great time!
  3. For sure TP. I'll try to find you there!!
  4. I'm in with MissJess doing just the swim for LC this year. My fiancè and I are driving down sometime lunchtimish tomorrow (suspect after all the extremely long hours he has been pulling at work he'll want a sleep in tomorrow morning!). I quite literally found out (unexpectedly) that I was pregnant about 3 hours after we put our entry in for Huskisson.. so luckily I was only in to do the swim for LC!! Not even sure what I'm wearing.. they don't make maternity tri-suits and I have no chance of fitting into my normal one!! I'm 20 weeks tomorrow.. Only aim is to finish under 50 minutes!!
  5. I think we will be at pub at some stage.. when depends on a number of factors. We're trotting down on Saturday (fiancè did not want to do the Friday afternoon traffic down there and I can't race Saturday anyways) - and staying Saturday and Sunday night to make it worth our while. I'm swimming in team with MissJess, hopeful of a reasonable swim time (last year I surprised myself with 3x xx but not expecting to get out of it for much less than 5x xx this year...) - because this year there is a 20 week old hitchhiker on board (so that rules me out of the alcoholic bevvies too) - meet you at t
  6. ITried

    TA auto renewal

    Yep, we charge $60 (or something like that.. can't be bothered checking) and I would never question that amount of money. I get an amazing load of stuff from my club - friends, subsidised races, training buddies (when I actually train), social gatherings (mostly covered by the club). Sure, I've put back into it in a big way (member of the club for 3 years, management committee member for 2, going around for a 3rd year). I see more for my $60 club membership than I do from my 3 figure TriNSW/Aus membership, that's for sure.
  7. An early spring triathlon (sprint) out at Penrith saw water temps of 16.2 or something degrees (think it might have been one of our club races) and I actually possess no wetsuit. I've been doing triathlons for 5 years and still haven't made the investment, but hopefully I will sometime soon. It was cold, but not too bad. Everyone thought I was mad (I just know I am).
  8. My boyfriend ordered a new set of wheels from Wiggle on Friday night, 10pm, they were delivered Monday morning. Can't beat that. Then we were trying to find some new tyres for my bike, and no one in Sydney we called on a Sunday afternoon had them, so we ordered them too from Wiggle, ordered Sunday night, 9pm, delivered Tuesday. No problems with them here. Even if they took a week I wouldn't have an issue. I'm never going to order something that I need that desperately online, I'd always go LBS.
  9. A great weekend was had by all. Congratulations to Cronulla on their win.. had a feeling it would happen, and to Warringah for their 2nd. Great to catch up with you again TenPints.. saw a few other Trannies out (my apologies, I do not have a cap so you can't tell who I am.. and I can't catch up to you to find out who you are! ). I was pleased to finish my race, no flats, no falls... just that feeling of "why the hell do I do this sport again?" particularly every time the marshalls would yell out at me "You're from Hills - you must love Hills!" - my response - only when they're DOWNhi
  10. MissJess and I are both looking for redemption. Forster owes us both, BIG TIME from last year. I started behind the eight ball anyway, being last wave off (this year I am in one of the earlier groups) - survived the swim (wish the same could have been said for MissJess ) then managed to get my first ever flat tyre.. replaced and got pinch flat, so had to start the process all over again.. so needless to say by the time I changed two tyres, I was not able to do 2nd lap of bike. Did the run anyway, came down the finish chute absolutely dead motherless last, but had an awesome time, burst in
  11. Better term would be ballot - similar to the ANZAC Day Ballot for tickets to Turkey.
  12. Jess.. I was seriously talking to the other half about doing Forster.. he said "I thought you already were!" - I could still be convinced...
  13. TLD is right. At the end of the season, when calculating awards, anyone who has not volunteered at any of our Club races or at Club Champs is ineligible for awards. Last year there were people who missed out on Grade awards because they did not volunteer. I do partly agree that part of the problem is that the number of events has increased, and the number of TO's does not increase proportionally. I am also a TO and find it increasingly difficult to get to officiate as many races as I would like, as they often clash with events I would like to compete in. It was also easier to TO when I
  14. ITried

    Club uniform

    Personally, if I was not a full racing member of a club, I would not feel at all comfortable wearing their kit. But there's nothing stopping anyone from doing it. I'm racing tomorrow morning and will be wearing my club kit.. because I am a proud member and committee member of my club. I do have non-tri club gear, but always wear my club kit for those reasons. It's also great recognising other people from my club and giving them a push along.
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