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  1. Impressive.. very impressive... I raced Port Stephens on Saturday (sprint, then 20 minutes after finishing that, enticer), had massive pain in my right hip on Friday evening, even comsidered pulling from the race (probably wouldn't have.. I'm too proud to do that) so I hit the NSAIDS. Yes, I probably overdid it with Voltaren AND Ibuprofen (Advil) but the pain went at the end of the swim in the sprint and still hasn't come back (and I haven't redrugged since before the race..!) - exercise really is the best pain killer. I love pilates but don't do it as much as I should.. with everythin
  2. I am not a big officianado of restaurants but my late fiancè and his father started and ran a few restaurants so he certainly knew a good thing.. I got taken to many beautiful restaurants for birthdays and so on.. Aria is certainly a beautiful restaurant, but $200 might get you one course.. we went there for New Year's Eve 2002, 9 of us (special occasion, because his aunty, uncle and cousin were out in Australia from South Africa and we figured why not go extravagant, thank God I didn't have to pay for it!!!) - I can't remember what the price was but it was minimum $350 per person, so about $3
  3. I went to two ceremonies today. Went by myself to dawn service in Parramatta, and then took my grandfather to an afternoon service at my dad's local. While we were waiting for dad to come back with our beers, my grandfather was telling me about some of the things he remembers doing while he was serving. He is 94, will be 95 in July and quite remarkable for his age really. He was in the Air Force, in the Airfield Construction Squadron. He was telling me about an airstrip they built in Port Moresby, and how they had planes flying on it from 2 weeks after they began work. He commented that he
  4. Go Easy, I didn't see your original threads when you found out what the problem was, but have just read through the whole of the thread because I felt I may also get some benefit from it.. Glad to hear you have had your op and you're on the mend and on your way back to what you love doing.. 5 weeks ago I injured my shoulder at work.. thought nothing of it. Was getting a little bit of pain, went to a physio, she was massaging, putting TENS machine on it, and 'diagnosed' me with having a humeral head that was coming too far forward in my shoulder. She was taping with kinesiotape, and I c
  5. I was shocked when I heard about this news this morning.. couldn't believe it. I don't know whether this was a prank gone wrong, or whether he did intentionally murder this beautiful woman, but I do know personally why the people over in SA need to protect themselves. My recently deceased fiancè and his family moved to Australia from South Africa in 1989. They are of Portuguese descent originally. All the stories he told me of things that had happened over there when his parents owned various businesses.. like his mother running screaming from the shop as one of the native ladies held
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