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  1. Nah, I think its a "f-k this lettuce tastes like shit, where's the sugar" thing 234063[/snapback] From the small amount I know of my great grandfather... it's far more likely that refined sugar was cheap, and he grew his own lettuce. He was your classic tight-arse scot... a hard-working coal-miner, I could barely understand a word he said... but I remember there was always a coal-oven burning in the house all year, which my great grandmother somehow managed to use to perfection, and I don't recall there being any electricity... probably because it cost money
  2. Everyone probably has something that doesn't work for them, and if you know what it is, DON'T EAT IT. But when people take what gives THEM a problem, and try to extrapolate that into general advice for ME ...forget it chum, you've lost me. My great grandfather lived to 99 and worked in his garden right up to the day he snuffed it. He always had a durry hanging out the corner of his mouth, drank scotch like it was water and every day ate half a lettuce smothered in refined sugar (must be a Scottish thing?). I always reckoned that he was just too bloody cantankerous to die, as was a heal
  3. MB..

    New BH TT Rig

    The current "fashion" of extended seat-tubes is something I don't get. I used to own a Cervelo P2 just like this:: ...and packing it into a bike-box for travelling, was a total arse-ache, because of the extended seatube. When Cervelo released the P2K and P3, one of the best things they did was to piss off the extended seatube... and my P3 was a breeze to pack into the box, compared to the P2... and they have maintained that design for the P2C and P3C. I don't understand why everyone else is so keen to do something that others have already worked out to be a problem.
  4. Correct, but only half the story. Absorbed light doesn't just disappear (that whole thing about energy and matter not being able to be created or destroyed) but raises the total energy of the object, which, in turn, then wants to get rid of it, so emits it as longer wavelength energy... i.e. infra-red (heat). The most significant thing is that ability to absorb light and ability to emit heat are directly proportional... the better at absorbing light, the better emitting of heat... black absorbs the most light, hence emits the most heat. Note: When we are talking about the sun, we
  5. If you want to say "AUSTRALIA" all you need is a bushy moustache, and a 1-day series cap. Perhaps not quite the fashion statement for the girls, but sometimes you just need to stand up and be proud of your country.
  6. MB..

    OT : Sheik Al-Hilaly

    Oh, I'm sure that Ruddock is watching this very closely (along with evey other media-hyped mouthing off by various wannabe infamous) and is just itching to break the seal on that anti-sedition thing of his.
  7. MB..

    Maccas Diary

    I heard... from a guy whose sister knows a girl whose brother heard from a bloke that was next to a guy telling a story to someone about how he heard about someone who was not actually there but knows someone who said they were there who say they saw Norman throw his lei on the ground, then took a dump on it, then wiped it on the finish line, then corn-holed the two hula dancers, then spat in Dave Scott's face, then bit Mike Riley's face off, then strangled 2 dogs before mutilating 5 newborn babies... HONEST !!
  8. MB..

    Maccas Diary

    I don't suppose Mr. Reid happened to be sitting there ??
  9. MB..

    Macca Drafted ?

    Thats it, all bets are off, someone used the 'P' word - Consultant alert!! 233726[/snapback] Yeah... I'll cop that one. However... I do think that it could make the thing more interesting and more exciting, if it were properly structured and promoted... for both WTC and ITU events. If the last round of the "series" is the premier event... whereby, not only can the athlete take out the major event of the season, but also take out the world championship... it's got to make the "brand" more valuable.
  10. MB..

    Macca Drafted ?

    Ah, but that's only because there is no World Championship series now... just Kona, and then a bunch of other races to pick and choose from. Once you create a Championship series, the series has more value... both to the competitor and to the promoter... there is then a paradigm shift... and both sides need to re-evaluate their positions.
  11. MB..

    Macca Drafted ?

    Yeah, something like that... and it's a dumbarse idea... you got World Champ and World-Cup Champ... like, who remembers that Brad Beven was World-Cup Champ (well, ok, I just did, but that's not the point ) everyone remembers World Champ... and forgets the guys who was most consistent. They could easily merge the 2 into a single world championship, just by weighting the points on events... if a particular race is given triple points... every bugger turns up for it... and becasue everyone is turning up for it, it has more value to promoters... etc etc.
  12. MB..

    Macca Drafted ?

    Cant compare the two - Wimbledon is not the pinnacle, it is one of four - IMH is it. 233707[/snapback] Nevertheless, I've long thought that the "one-race" method of determining world champion, be it WTC or ITU, is a fairly sucky way of doing it. A series, where you can accumulate point for a set number of events, and events having competitiveness ratings... would be a fairer system. With Ironman, most pros would race 3 IMs per year (including Hawaii)... so you'd be on fairly safe ground to have a system where you could take your 3 best results for the season (any IM event
  13. MB..

    I'm an idiot!!

    I like to use a hack-saw.
  14. MB..

    Macca Drafted ?

    As Mark Knopfler once said... Two men say they're Jesus... one of 'em must be wrong...
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