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  1. heres the thing. hayne has crappy ball protection. it was pretty clear in preseason and any videos they were showing... he just went and proved it during the real season. every other team (including the 49ers) can see it, they have enough evidence to show he is not NFL material.
  2. I was suprised he made it this far. stick to madden.
  3. i LMAO with his very first touch in the NFL. he is kind of lucky reggie got carted off, otherwise his visa was looking pretty shakey...
  4. asthetics = money in the bank
  5. Regretfully, I am selling my TT bike, and helmet after deciding i am not going to do IM's any more, and need the $ to go toward a wedding. It has raced 1 IM, 2 Longcourse & 1 sprint Only. It has never been crashed; and is in good condition. Bike; Size 56 RTS full carbon - All naked gloss carbon finish - so its black. Front & Rear 60mm Carbon clinchers; SRAM Rival Groupset; Look Keo Classic Pedals; Vision Aero Bar intergrated stem; carbon SRAM bar end shifters, SRAM brakes; SwissStop Brake pads; Carbon biddon cage; Vader saddle; Shimano Chain, shimano cassette 23-11 (10sp) Price
  6. (IF he was allowed) i personally dont think lance would race kona. he had his shot back when it all fell apart; he's lost it now, and some may say he might race AG just to stick it to the haters; but i dont think he will race because he wont be competitive any more.
  7. #1, the solicitors will milk you all dry! and they know they will have you by the short and curlies. i would most definently try to get it sorted with your family together at the 1 solicitor who can perhaps help with transfer titles. soon as 2 solicitors get involved, it becomes expensive - and the solicitors will cause more harm than good - you end up paying a lot of money for a pro-shit stirrer who's aim it is to keep it going as long as he can and milk as much out of it as possible. yep - im bitter - ****ers!
  8. one of them is colin kapernick (red shorts and legs), he is the quarterback, i know 1 of the other 2 with chicken legs, is a wide receiver
  9. https://instagram.com/p/0ddnX6tBDO/?taken-by=kaepernick7 this cracked me up - have a look; (to me this doesnt look like JH at all... but apparently its); can anyone who follows NRL verify it is him???? anyway - theres gods, and then there's the waterboy and this is just the 49er's lol - they arent the most terrifying team at the moment
  10. people riding with the runners is a pet peeve for me. hmmuph!
  11. i have so many, watch so much i find it hard to pick fav's. some i like to rewatch are: diehard1&4 shawshank redemption saving pv ryan pacific rim <- i dounno why, but i like it oceans11 underworld1,2,3,4 recently, a good one was chappy (although hugh was a bit mis-cast) babadook and wymwood for aussie sleeper's (also i liked roger moore as jamesbond best)
  12. yes - dont use a fin on the affected leg; that would be bad. fin on the other would be ok - im no swim coach and i have no clue if using 1 fin would help or force your body balance in the water to strengthen .. who knows
  13. mine are about 1000lum i think. anyway in the country roads, its dark - no street lights. there's nothing worse than an oncoming car who wont dip their lights! many times i have found myself completely blind riding toward a large metal object heading for me at a closing speed of 130+kph ... hmmm
  14. nope - i am right there with you ; and its the Number1 reason that stops me entering; I really want to ; but then the price - i cannot justify it myself.
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