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  1. heres the thing. hayne has crappy ball protection. it was pretty clear in preseason and any videos they were showing... he just went and proved it during the real season. every other team (including the 49ers) can see it, they have enough evidence to show he is not NFL material.
  2. I was suprised he made it this far. stick to madden.
  3. i LMAO with his very first touch in the NFL. he is kind of lucky reggie got carted off, otherwise his visa was looking pretty shakey...
  4. one of them is colin kapernick (red shorts and legs), he is the quarterback, i know 1 of the other 2 with chicken legs, is a wide receiver
  5. https://instagram.com/p/0ddnX6tBDO/?taken-by=kaepernick7 this cracked me up - have a look; (to me this doesnt look like JH at all... but apparently its); can anyone who follows NRL verify it is him???? anyway - theres gods, and then there's the waterboy and this is just the 49er's lol - they arent the most terrifying team at the moment
  6. i have so many, watch so much i find it hard to pick fav's. some i like to rewatch are: diehard1&4 shawshank redemption saving pv ryan pacific rim <- i dounno why, but i like it oceans11 underworld1,2,3,4 recently, a good one was chappy (although hugh was a bit mis-cast) babadook and wymwood for aussie sleeper's (also i liked roger moore as jamesbond best)
  7. he wont make the starting 53 man roster. if he does, then its completely justified why the 49ers are a joke right now. seriously - he is college level; and thats where he should be going; but he will just end up showing the NFL what he really got - not much to offer
  8. willie mason failed when he tried. he was a big talented guy.
  9. i dont reckon he will make the 53 man team. however, he may make the 10 man practice squad they are allowed to have in reserve - like keeping the fish on the line. the first year- he'll probably be in this squad. if he impresses, he may move into the 53 man squad; or they will release him. (he still has a fight to get into the practice squad tho) * this squad train and practice with the "real" team, but are not allowed to suit up at a game.
  10. AFL's ben graham played in the superbowl. he was a kicker (and he's bigger than haynes 6'5" @ 107kg)
  11. hayne's camp say he has a 3 year "deal". errr..... this seems to be odd - does 49er's know about this? LOL as much as haynes is a good rugby player; i would not want him part of the broncos. IF he does actually make the final cut, then IF he does actually get on the field, he'll being playing against "us", which is the way I would want it
  12. so he's got a futures contract with 49er's. this doesnt mean he will make the cut. 49er's have cash to splash, and theres tons of really good players available - so how does a random, think he deserves a spot over a tested proven superstar? the more dudes is see go up on free agemcy, the less i see haynes chances. if he got signed to a successful club with lower money to spend; then i can see him having a shot. detroit was def not going to work after they dropped reggie, and suh is on free angency - they have too much more spending money for a "real" player. i feel SF49 are kind of in
  13. the combines are on now. combines are not tryouts - its an event that brings all the best new prospects together and run them a set of drills, so all the teams can scout them together in 1 place. Haynes is comparing apples to oranges with his time at the "pro day" also btw. Im not hating on the man; i just think this guy and his media team are trying to pull a swifty and take a short cut using our patriotism.
  14. i was reading an article on the broncos site, about Elway talking about the merit of the 40yd dash. Also... and article at NFL.com http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000473810/article/detroit-lions-reportedly-set-to-sign-aussie-rugby-league-mvp
  15. you have to be invited to the combine. teams will also conduct their own "combines" and invite players who didnt get the big call up to their facility, and run them through the tests. its seems odd, he isnt at detroit right now.
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