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  1. Haven't been on the site for a while but was just having a scroll..... I have a Q or perhaps an assumption (apologies if it's blindingly obvious to everyone else): CDM is the welcome reincarnation of TUv5.0? If so, welcome back. If not then TU definitely has a doppelganger based on the tone, excellent advice and clear depth of experience.
  2. JDAF

    Roadies - Look, Time

    I've owned 3 Looks - brilliant. One of the few products not produced out of the Taiwanese carbon factory (I think Giant is largest) where most carbon bike brands are made.
  3. A good mate of mine worked at that Europa shop. The guy who ran the shop was known as 'Fat Steve'....for obvious reasons. I'm talking late 80's early 90's. Know the guy?
  4. Pretty sure Miles won Frankston long course by about..... daylight.... as a 15 year old.
  5. Aren't all Novo riders diabetics hence they need TUE's - its a pharma sponsored team who benefit from the drug the sponsors are peddling!! I can appreciate it as a marketing exercise but not relevant to the broader TUE discussion
  6. This is my definition of a great athlete - congratulations! Someone who can show up and perform consistently over an extended period of time.
  7. Ha, yes. It was a qualifier for Worlds in Tas at one point...
  8. 1987 or 88 Nepean. You were permitted a 'handler' in transition - I thought it a good idea to wear a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off knotted at the back over my older brothers surfing wetsuit for the swim. Needless to say my father earned his handlers fee that day ripping the t-shirt off me post swim...
  9. Ha, yes. The John Howard Surf & Skate team....
  10. JDAF

    Ironman IVs

    IVs should be like those finisher / participation medals. If you finish you are eligible....you choose to take it or not.
  11. Hydration & lack of electrolyte compromised his ROM & function. Have a listen to his post race interview @ 7mins 45sec. http://babbittville.com/lionel-sanders-2017-bwbkona-postrace/
  12. if you scramble the letters of his first and last name you end up with Kevin Moats
  13. a Big Mac in the special needs bag.
  14. Not $26 only $17. Even then they wouldn't let me put on too many $$ on though. Clearly not a big betting pool. He's at $3.50 or thereabouts now....
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