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  1. And ... quoting myself here after a PM to me about this ... I don't need to come back to Australia. I want to come back to Australia to see my aging Mum, my friends and even my brother and his family (don't ask). But when the Australian Embassy in Geneva seems to have been turned into a travel agency, offering $17,000 one-way, economy class flights, with 2 weeks quarantine in another part of Australia to where I need to get to (Canberra and I need Ballarat), with no guarantees that I won't get bumped in Singapore (I know of people now stuck there for weeks) and no guarantees that the inte
  2. The sad reality for these players is that they spend longer playing WoW / Pokemon / Whatever than they are ever likely to play in their chosen professions!!! The GP couldn't justify it, but that is a business with a different cost model and they have agreed to reschedule for later in the year. I think what it has done is highlight the prima donna nature of tennis players (and some WAGs .... god I hate that term!) who seem to breathe a different air to us!
  3. I like the confidence of someone who is prepared to sit in a small room with Bernard Tomic for 5 minutes, let alone 2 weeks of quarantine, hoping that he's going to last anything more than the 1st or 2nd Round.... Seems a dud investment for my thinking!!!!
  4. I find the whole thing bizarre that allowances and exceptions are made (and in some cases support and charter flights provided) for the likes of Tom Hanks, Dannii Minogue, tennis players etc, yet there are tens of thousands of taxpayers and citizens not allowed to enter their own country! And politicians playing politics against each other .... State against State, but not Mate against Mate!
  5. Entered Rapperswil 70.3 when I arrived in Switzerland and they postponed it and transferred all entries to the postponed date. Then postponed again and you could take the option of whether to get your entry fee back. Any slots which became available rolled down to next on the list. Seems very Swiss and very fair. However, advertising for races which Organisers know aren't going to happen AND people entering those races knowing that they probably won't run is wrong on the first part and dumb on the second.
  6. Rimmer


    Easy one, mate .... Harley will come first and at least the good people at Harley won’t f*&k up the bike as governments will the vaccine!!!!
  7. This .... for the moment to build hours .... then for a Harley 48 for my 50th!
  8. No words ..... he sounds and looks like a charmer. Look out ladies when he's released!
  9. Rimmer


    All my positive vibes from the land of Milk and Money @FatPom. We are in a weird state here where we border France and Germany and they have their rules and we have ours. In fact, the Cantons (like massive Shires) have different rules for tackling this and none are uniform .... I went XC skiing last week in Graubunden, but couldn't have gone into the Canton of Glarus as skiing isn't permitted there. Mountain walking is okay, but you can't mountain walk with a set of skis on!!! Non-essential shops and restaurants are closed and the place is even quieter than usual. Just waiting f
  10. That's the problem with the internet ... it has a memory. This is just a technicality and the Swiss will see that the penalty isn't changed, but the judges are!
  11. +1 .... I love them on MTBs, but hate them on the road and prefer the feather of a solid rim brake.
  12. I always used to laugh when, in Melbourne at the end of October every year, people would become experts on horse racing. Then, on Boxing Day, the same people would become experts on sailing ..... Seems that they have all turned their expertise to virology!!!!
  13. I was quoted - by the Australian High Commission in Geneva .... which seems to be now more travel agency than Diplomatic Mission - $17,000 for a one-way, Economy flight from Zurich to Canberra in mid-December, with an additional $4,000 for quarantine. This was a diplomatic repatriation flight gathering up all of the diplomats around Europe whose postings had finished. Now, there were a couple of issues with this: - 1. They couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't get bumped at the airport; 2. They couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't get bumped in Singapore; 3. They couldn't guar
  14. It was Nacimiento in 2008 and Wildflower is an awesome race that should be on everyone's list. The end. As for Ballarat, I had a couple of mates racing and I swam the course and then volunteered for the bike / run to make sure they were being looked after. The whole thing was a disgrace and I remember dipping into my own funds to pay off the lifeguards so it would go ahead. What I saw later that day made me wish it hadn't. Another one on the mention list is Taupo .... dodging local golfers and crystal clear waters, with a nice, lazy last 650m to the finish.
  15. Here's a list ..... 1993 National Watersports Centre in Carrum - Everyone got sick. Everyone. Sri Chinmoy and the fog was interesting. 1998 Shepparton - I remember seeing a mate who wasn't a great swimmer get out and run along the bank to get ahead of me. Awful venue, but a great race. 2003 Ballarat 226 - I used to row on that course and it was always suspect when there was a drought. 3.8km in 50cm was the case and one buoy at one end and another at the other (950m away) meant people were crashing into each other .... I stood up and let a steaming JVW past on his return.
  16. Jesus I am glad to be out of the UK at the moment and pity anyone who is still there. Don't get me wrong, I love the place and the people and the culture and the vibrancy of the country ..... but when it is run by a bloke who doesn't know how many kids he has, that is a worry! And the alternative is a bloke who was a former DPP and hit a cyclist in his car a couple of weeks ago and drove away thinking he'd done everything right and DIDN'T call an ambulance! What concerns me (and I still watch almost exclusively UK TV and news feeds .... Telegraph, Times, Guardian, even the Daily Mail
  17. A sad loss and a great bloke. Only met him a couple of times, but a very, very genuine bloke. As for the black dog, your comments @Callum Dalgleish McGregor are bang on! If anyone is in that sort of mindset or you know of anyone who is, reach out to them. A horrible disease, depression.
  18. Hey Dalai, If you are ever in the hood, let me know and we can find some trails. I am lucky enough to live and work in a City where I can take my skis and head-torch to work (if I go into the Office at all at the moment) and then be on the trails 45 minutes from the desk. Also, if you need anything sent out to Australia, let me know as there is so much more available here than there and would be happy to spend your money for you. Take care and we'll soon be free once again to ski to heart's content, Rimmer
  19. Cross Country Skiing .... Classic or Skate, it doesn't matter .... there is nothing like the quiet and still and solitude of the mountains of Norway, the plains of Sweden, valleys in Switzerland or Austria and rolling up to some random hut in the middle of nowhere and getting a kaffe and a waffler .... or a G&T after 3:00PM! The first one is taken near St Moritz in a valley I discovered where at the head of the valley was a 4 star hotel and bar/ The second one is in the hills outside of Sjusjoen, about 30 minutes into the hills from Lillehammer ..... it was -37C that afternoon and st
  20. I sent this link to an Aussie mate in the UK .... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8603775/Shane-Warne-spruces-launch-debut-fragrance.html#comments and said I wondered what it would smell like. His response was "I reckon that would smell like stale lager, old curry, and well used sheets...."
  21. And I would listen to Prince Harry and his missus on anything? Why again?
  22. Career guidance given to me was "jockey" and "oyster farmer". I am not joking with these. I was a heavyweight rower at the time and 1,500kms from the nearest oyster farming region. Did work experience at every opportunity I could and got into law at Uni. Tried it for a while - and was successful - but hated the people. Now I do what FP does, in Switzerland, buying Professional Services for a drug company!
  23. I had a Hotta back in the day .... seriously quick bike in a straight line, but handled like a bar of soap on a wet floor on anything technical / hilly.
  24. What about Hawaii and their flag? They wear it with pride? Scotland's independence costings were on Brent NS Crude at $125 / barrel. At the moment, it's running at $62ish. They would be broke by Christmas. Scottish independence is also a diversion by one of the most hate-filled, divisive, useless politicians the world has seen in Sturgeon .... a woman presiding over schools being run from pubs because the school buildings were collapsing and hospitals having worse standards of hygiene than developing eastern European countries. Utterly useless group of people, the SNP. Am open
  25. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7247821/Hunt-horrific-grunting-gimp-man-black-rubbery-suit.html
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