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  1. I am still yet to meet an ethically minded dealer ....
  2. A couple of mates of a mate of mine in London would only ride their bike or use PT, wear hemp trousers, never use a mobile phone etc etc (they would never stop banging on about it ...) but they would freely and willingly snort some of the most unknown powders up their noses .... I just don't get it!
  3. Those who have the PS mindset will be the first to find themselves on the redundancy queue when changes are made .... but your point is valid! Show them up without showing them up!!!
  4. This is what I am dealing with at the moment. My boss ... good guy ... assigns My Team and I projects and reports as he knows they will be done, done well and that we know what we are responsible for. Yesterday, I told him that we have done our bit and it's up to the rest of his Team to provide the completion for his meeting with his boss tonight. They haven't done a thing (not accessed the files and made no contribution) and he went mental. This is the best thing about Cortina / Office / Teams and the productivity tools that attach to these. It's like a virtual Time & Motion st
  5. Rimmer


    And then broke that law as soon as it was passed!!! Never trust a politician!
  6. And ... quoting myself here after a PM to me about this ... I don't need to come back to Australia. I want to come back to Australia to see my aging Mum, my friends and even my brother and his family (don't ask). But when the Australian Embassy in Geneva seems to have been turned into a travel agency, offering $17,000 one-way, economy class flights, with 2 weeks quarantine in another part of Australia to where I need to get to (Canberra and I need Ballarat), with no guarantees that I won't get bumped in Singapore (I know of people now stuck there for weeks) and no guarantees that the inte
  7. The sad reality for these players is that they spend longer playing WoW / Pokemon / Whatever than they are ever likely to play in their chosen professions!!! The GP couldn't justify it, but that is a business with a different cost model and they have agreed to reschedule for later in the year. I think what it has done is highlight the prima donna nature of tennis players (and some WAGs .... god I hate that term!) who seem to breathe a different air to us!
  8. I like the confidence of someone who is prepared to sit in a small room with Bernard Tomic for 5 minutes, let alone 2 weeks of quarantine, hoping that he's going to last anything more than the 1st or 2nd Round.... Seems a dud investment for my thinking!!!!
  9. I find the whole thing bizarre that allowances and exceptions are made (and in some cases support and charter flights provided) for the likes of Tom Hanks, Dannii Minogue, tennis players etc, yet there are tens of thousands of taxpayers and citizens not allowed to enter their own country! And politicians playing politics against each other .... State against State, but not Mate against Mate!
  10. Entered Rapperswil 70.3 when I arrived in Switzerland and they postponed it and transferred all entries to the postponed date. Then postponed again and you could take the option of whether to get your entry fee back. Any slots which became available rolled down to next on the list. Seems very Swiss and very fair. However, advertising for races which Organisers know aren't going to happen AND people entering those races knowing that they probably won't run is wrong on the first part and dumb on the second.
  11. Rimmer


    Easy one, mate .... Harley will come first and at least the good people at Harley won’t f*&k up the bike as governments will the vaccine!!!!
  12. This .... for the moment to build hours .... then for a Harley 48 for my 50th!
  13. No words ..... he sounds and looks like a charmer. Look out ladies when he's released!
  14. Rimmer


    All my positive vibes from the land of Milk and Money @FatPom. We are in a weird state here where we border France and Germany and they have their rules and we have ours. In fact, the Cantons (like massive Shires) have different rules for tackling this and none are uniform .... I went XC skiing last week in Graubunden, but couldn't have gone into the Canton of Glarus as skiing isn't permitted there. Mountain walking is okay, but you can't mountain walk with a set of skis on!!! Non-essential shops and restaurants are closed and the place is even quieter than usual. Just waiting f
  15. That's the problem with the internet ... it has a memory. This is just a technicality and the Swiss will see that the penalty isn't changed, but the judges are!
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