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  1. Hate to say it but you're probably staying at too low an elevation to get the acclimatisation benefits. I've read anything between 1600-1900m works best. But no matter, better than being at sea level. I've done the telegraph, galliber, alpe d'huez as part of the 2011 Etape along with the Izoard as well. I stayed in Montgeneve which is the ski town above breancon (1800m) The Izoard from breancon is about 21k at 6.5% from memory it's a big climb that tops out at 2300m. The decent is fantastic The telegraph is fine, it's a pretty leisurely climb and consistent the entire way. its 12k
  2. I'm in Beecroft, well we've just sold so there for a bit longer. It's a good spot, close to Parramatta by bike or car and has a good local village and transport. Not everyone wants to live in or near the inner city don't you get that Jimmy?
  3. Great, the 29'er is in for a final tune up this week! It should be fun Hopefully the water isn't that cold...
  4. Yeah I'm unsure, I don't think it's entirely flat and apparently a third of the course is singletrack. Strava the course on the easter recce?
  5. If you get through the swim and off the bike course in under 2 hours you won't be running at the back of the pack, more like up the front. I imagine the bike course isn't all that quick.
  6. It's beautiful down there, can't make it unfortunately as I'd have made the trip down for this one. Next year.
  7. "Trying releasing the glute maximus and medius muscles as well the lateral hamstring (bicep femoris) muscles if they tight that will cause your hip to rotate and therefore place strain on the ITB." Agree with this and AP. Also try dry needling through the ITB to release it in conjunction with releasing the glutes. Will give a bit more background. I am not a runner and haven't run for years before kicking off in tri's for some fun with mates and to break up just cycling. I had issues running sprint tri's and shorter runs during the week at slower pace. Wound up with foot injur
  8. It's basic and easy to use. A mate of mine who can't even use Strava has no drama with WKO and all the functions. Definantly worth the entry price IMO.
  9. Turn your power meter/hr monitor off for a month. Go ride for the joy of riding, not to hit a workout or because you've got to do 2x20 min in a 3hr enduro ride.
  10. Yes, very useful when training for an event 4-5-6 months out. As CTL goes up so does fitness, it doesn't lie. Higher the number the better you perform. Can really take the fun out of it though when you've got a few years worth of data and realise how far you have to go to get back to where you were.
  11. Fail to see any relevance for a Huub to the rest of it... I've had a TYR Cat 5 as well.
  12. Dunno about Vaughers, wondered that as well. Or to put it another way, I wouldn't be too happy if I was Wiggo or RH and it was being put out there. 320 is nice, what do you weigh in at? I'm 5 kilos overweight and 15 watts off where I hope to be come main bike race this year. Know I can get there as I've done it before, just need to stop what goes in the gob and get on the bike more!
  13. Vaughters has said all his recent GC guys have tested in the 5.9 w/kg range. I imagine there is a bit of foxing there so low 6.x sounds reasonable. Provided you think Wiggo is clean. But lets not turn this into a doping thread. So last race, 1 hr road race watts 225 avg 245 np weight 64 kilos.
  14. Sounds about right, his weight is listed at 81 kilos however cyclists are known to overstate it. Even at that it puts him around 6.2 w/kg.
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