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  1. He's a low life piece of shit. Very disappointed when I saw mates were friends with him on Facebook after the last ban and Shelley took him on - why would you? Everyone anywhere that stands next to this prick on a start line needs to tell him he's not wanted. He infected triathlon now he's infected trail running. All the events he's allowed to enter are private and can allow/disallow entry at their discretion. Hopefully more RD's add this human waste to the banned list.
  2. New show called Taboo with Tom Hardy. Apparently flopped but I'm in after episode 1
  3. Goal is to stop chasing pb's and enjoy training and racing without injury (pb as a bonus). Figure if that happens it's a good year.
  4. Hope everyone made it through the Christmas madness and all have a healthy new year.
  5. Esoteric

    Team Sky

    Wiggins retires.. nice timing
  6. As I read this I am Thanks!☺ sure is Thanks mate
  7. Thanks mate. Had the tests back today and they still think it's an infection kinda like TB which may need 18 months of antibiotics, but not cancer. Mum's over the moon and I'm looking forward to being able to sleep tonight. Will get a 2nd opinion to be sure but a good xmas gift at this stage. Thanks again everyone for the positive comments and I wish everyone a healthy Christmas with their families.
  8. Thanks guys. Hard to be 'festive' at the moment but positive thoughts n all âº
  9. Sorry in advance, not looking for advice or sympathy just have no one to talk to so just venting. My mum beat breast cancer earlier this year and was given the all clear. Now at check up they think she either has lung cancer or breast cancer that's spread to the lungs which is virtually untreatable. There's a tiny chance it's an infection so that's all I'm holding on to. Had a biopsy yesterday and appointment on Tuesday for the results... When we went 6 months ago the dr said it was scar tissue so didn't review for 6 months now there's heaps on the scans. Fkn doctors are so shit
  10. so sorry to hear that. Made me tear up at the airport. The thought of not having our two boys doesn't bear thinking about and you're right, they're there through everything. Ours get more spoilt every year and I couldn't care less. They sit on our laps and cuddle on the couch, sleep on the bed when they want and we take them out twice a day. It's so easy to make dogs happy and so rewarding in return. I wonder how many lives dogs, and other pets, have saved!
  11. Depends where it's leaking. New hose and bleed is simple. Assume most bike shops could fix ya up easy
  12. A perspective I hadn't considered before
  13. I was cooler than the Stackhat kids. Had the Integra lol Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  14. I guess when MHL laws are introduced it MAY have an effect on participation but seriously, who is it that stops riding as a result? Like, 'I would love to ride to work but helmet? No way.' I just can't fathom how that works. We always wore helmets to school in WA and it was never a consideration, just how it was.
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