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  1. He's a low life piece of shit. Very disappointed when I saw mates were friends with him on Facebook after the last ban and Shelley took him on - why would you? Everyone anywhere that stands next to this prick on a start line needs to tell him he's not wanted. He infected triathlon now he's infected trail running. All the events he's allowed to enter are private and can allow/disallow entry at their discretion. Hopefully more RD's add this human waste to the banned list.
  2. Sutto has traditionally run private parties for his female athletes. The press and public are not invited.
  3. Yep. Anyone that actually knows boxing around the world and not casual arm chair critics calling bs on the Horn result. Manny was absolutely robbed.
  4. So there's a shark in the proximity of swimmers and you expect them to not take action? Lol. Maybe watch it until it snacks on someone.. that'd be good promotional material. Imo it was handled as it should be. Only got dragged on the last 50m by jetski, some people got a decent ride in but who cares, it's sport and there's a duty of care.
  5. I played Judo for over 15 years starting in under 32.5kg division at my first Nationals lol. Learnt a lot of discipline, confidence and made life long friends. Got to travel around (we fundraised for the State team) and train with the Oly team at the AIS. Good memories and also used to break up a couple of fights in subduing aggressors until they calmed down. My coach was a 7th Dan and great mentor through teenage years. Actually looked him up last year to thank him. Most clubs, probably with other martial arts too will welcome you and your son to go down and watch a session
  6. Never tried but agree some variety would be good
  7. We all lose when you post your same boring rhetoric. Yawn
  8. Why don't you just write one post about minorities, Muslims, and every other group of people that you hate and look down on so it can be added as a sticky thread. Would save you the time of getting upset and angry all the time Mr. Grumpy pants. Think you need to lighten up a bit pal, it was a joke. We have lots of jokes in Australia and I didn't think I'd have to explain that to anyone.. but there's always one ð
  9. Crazy but awesome. Always like to see custom / imagination vs just buying the best of everything off the shelf
  10. New show called Taboo with Tom Hardy. Apparently flopped but I'm in after episode 1
  11. Never thought of women as a minority group. Should live here mate, bloody heaps of them!
  12. Kinda weird but can't say I'd really care unless it was every day. Not much to see in my backyard unless they want to see me walking round in my jocks. Jokes on them.
  13. If seat won't go forward enough can't you bring the extensions back a little?
  14. If you book early it's not expensive across to Queenstown. We managed out cheaply from Perth but booked a fair while ahead. Doubt anyone will beat Allan this year
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