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  1. Roger, so keep the current steed, how much would it cost to upgrade to DI2??
  2. Hi all, Wondering after finishing Port Mac on the weekend, how long do people get out of their TT bikes? I have a Merida Warp, 2016 year model, I do my long training rides on it during an ironman prep but not all my training and it never goes on the trainer. At 100kg i'm wondering how much punishment it will handle before failure? I love the fit and don't really want to change the bike out, am considering sending it to a decent tri bike shop (anybody recommend a place, I no longer have a bike shop in my town, it closed down) and spending a few dollars on it to give it a birthday and just
  3. I really enjoy reading race reports and wish there was more of them, so that being so here is mine from Port Mac, sorry its lengthy!! After a 2 year hiatus from Port Mac where I raced Cairns I decided to return to Ironman Australia for 2019. As per my normal form I do nothing other than eat crap and drink booze all through winter (and most of spring....) and this year was no exception!! I was not in shape for Cairns last year and I made myself a promise that I wouldn't toe a start line again unless I was in decent condition so when a mate of mine from my local AFL club asked if I would he
  4. Add Caroline Steffen to the female pro start list, well so the facey stories go...
  5. bortho

    New trisuit

    Every chance I will go with another fusion, just wondered what else was out there that you guys used and liked. I rate the fusion suit, lasted 3 ironman (admittedly only used this suit for ironman distances, used my club kit for everything else) Is Wyn Republic the gear that Luke McKenzie wears?
  6. bortho

    New trisuit

    Gday all, working towards Port Mac Ironman again and noticed at Coffs BCU on the weekend my tried and trusted Fusion suit is on its last legs. What's everybody wearing these days?? Want sleeves and must have a pocket, either on the leg or the back for gels.
  7. bortho

    Port 2019

    Yep im in for the 140.6, #6 at port mac and #8 total. Havn't booked any accom yet though so if anybody has or hears of some close into town that cant make it and needs to offload let me know!!
  8. Thanks all, ill continue giving the Nimbus's a flogging!!
  9. Anybody run the beach to brother marathon starting from Port Mac before? A mate and I are having a crack this year as our 1st trail marathon, any suggestion on shoe? My go to road runner is Asics Gel Nimbus but being very new to the trail running scene im a little lost. Any advise on either shoe selection or the event will be muchly appreciated. Cheers Bortho
  10. Thanks all, 91st out of 118 in age group is close enough to BOP for me!!
  11. bortho

    Retirement sale.

    scratch that, I just found the other thread!!
  12. bortho

    Retirement sale.

    What are you chasing for the cycleops Roxii?
  13. Hi All, Thought I would throw down on paper a quick review of my Cairns campaign for 2018, Awesome location and event, terrible prep!! So I entered onsite the day after the 2017 event. I had finished 2017 in a time around 12:30 which was the 2nd quickest I had been over the distance (PB of 12.18 from Port) so im proper BOP material but don't care, I only do these events for myself and I enjoy them no matter the finish time. Did the trip solo in 2017 and after speaking with the wife via text over a few beers after the event she suggested I go around again in 2018 and we make a family
  14. bortho

    Cairns 2018

    I cant remember feeling much effect of wind on the bike last year, has my memory been faded by the copious amounts of beer consumed since last year, or did we get a good year??
  15. bortho

    Cairns 2018

    Apologies if I have missed the thread, BUT I am excited!! Cairns is less than 2 weeks away!! YEWWW Who is doing battle? Any cool stories of preps for this year? I will be rolling around for the 2nd time in Cairns, here's hoping for good weather!!
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