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  1. Yes. Maybe you could highlight in here where he says the quarantine & tracing was a disaster?
  2. No I'm not an expert on what's going on in Vic, and lately I've kept out of it. From what's come to light in the inquiry, I think he's done a shit job too (for that part), but I just couldn't see anything in that article from Brumby or Rudd that related to what you'd said they said. I'm actually really interested to know how I should be interpreting what they said to come up with them saying it was a disaster?
  3. So you post an article, totally misrepresent what was said, blame others for misreading it, then tell them they are beneath you. Have your fun.
  4. Ex-Hasbeen

    Le Tour 2020

    Not enough mountain points to change that result (only a single CAT4 climb). The green jersey is often up for grabs, but this time, although it's mathematically possible for Sagan to win, Bennet would have to finish pretty much out of the points, and Sagan win the intermediate & the final sprints. It would be bad form for a breakaway to form in the early part of this stage, but once on the circuit in Paris it's anybody's race. I couldn't imagine anyone letting a GC contender get away though.
  5. Ex-Hasbeen

    Le Tour 2020

    But how exciting was this stage? I loved it, and obviously so did Porte & Pogacar. Both 2 & 3 today are top ITT riders, and Pogacar obviously is too. It just gave a bit more advantage to those that can climb as well. Guys like Froome would have lapped it up as well.
  6. How did you read it? Could you please outline which parts of their comments say that quarantine & tracing has been a disaster?
  7. Ex-Hasbeen

    Le Tour 2020

    Come on, look on the positive side. A 21 year old TdF debutant wins the yellow jersey and the mountain jersey with a TT after 20 days of racing that just blew everybody else out of the water.
  8. Ex-Hasbeen

    Le Tour 2020

    So will Porte be racing IM next year now?
  9. Hardly anybody ever rides in the drops these days though (apart from serious cyclists). The massive contoured brake hoods where everyone has their hands 90% of the time are probably at the same height your hands used to be.
  10. How did you get that out of the very first leader, Brumby? Or Rudd? Did you post the wrong article?
  11. Read a couple, but does it just go on all the way through with Lib's slamming him & Labor supporting him?
  12. Ex-Hasbeen

    Le Tour 2020

    I'm tipping the same. Richie's will be the harder of the 2. Carapaz will ride a bike specifically for the climb. Pogacar will probably ride a TT bike then change, or a road bike with extensions.
  13. Ex-Hasbeen

    Le Tour 2020

    An interesting night tonight, and not just for the GC play-out. Carapaz can help rescue Ineos's Tour if he wins the polka dot jersey tomorrow night. He's currently 2 points ahead of Pogacar, with only 1 point available on the category 4 climb tomorrow on the way in to Paris, and any other year, with a TT for stage 20 that would be enough. Tonight however, with an actual climb to the finish of the ITT, there are 10 points on offer. But it's not simply for the person with the quickest time at the end of the climb. The points for this will be for the person with the quickest time up the
  14. Ex-Hasbeen

    Le Tour 2020

    The first 30km will be telling on him, but the last 6km is anything but a normal TT. 5.9km at 8.5%! Sagan is all but out of the Green Jersey hunt now with Bennet beating him in both sprints last night. Sagan has also lost a rider last night, to of al things, a bee sting. And was this one of the best finishes you've seen?
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