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  1. Froudie

    Dating online

    Cross reference the race number to the race results...
  2. Only when I'm weaning myself off Caffeine and Sugar. It's my Methadone.
  3. Racing against the Puffing Billy Choo-Choo train in the Dandenongs.... https://puffingbillyrunningfestival.com.au/
  4. Froudie

    Le Tour 2020

    It's good business for the bike sponsors to see the TT rigs out there... Maybe some riders don't have a choice?
  5. Challenge Shepp $361 + Accom ($184.5) Wonderland Run - $69 Melbourne 70.3 - $451.12 TOTAL - $1065.62
  6. The Moana triathlon in SA in December last year. Fingers crossed that will be the comeback race as well...
  7. Warburton Trail Fest in March... seems like a lifetime ago... Longest break I've had since I started racing 12 years ago.
  8. Dates are up from from the TA website; 2021 International Triathlon Union Multisport Age Group World Championship Events: Sprint Distance Duathlon (Draft Legal) 7th August 2021 (5km run, 20km cycle, 2.5km run - final 2021 race distances to be confirmed) Standard Distance Duathlon 9th August 2021 (10km run, 40km cycle, 5km run - final 2021 race distances to be confirmed) Cross Triathlon 11th August 2021 (1.5km swim, 30km mountain bike ride, 8km run - final 2021 race distances to be confirmed) Aquathlon 13th August 2021 (1km swim, 5km run - final 2021 race distances to be confirmed) Aqua
  9. The yo-yoing continues (and not the edible kind). 78 to 77 to 78 to 76 to 77 to 76, but down overall... I've ordered the recommended reading, Atomic Habits, but won't be changing any habits until I've read it in case I do it wrong 😉
  10. I try and not have any when training and load up on race day. Timing will depend on the race distance, but generally; 0 to 3 hr race - 200mg (2 No-Doz) about an hour before the start. Any earlier and I get real jittery. 3 hrs plus race - 200mg at the half way point and then Coke as required. When I looked into this stuff about 5 years ago it was suggested I take 2-3mg/kg as tolerated. My weight hovers from low to high 70’s so 2 No Doz is enough. I’ve tried Red Bull during races, but the other “stuff” in it gives me the squirts super fast. Post Race, I normally will
  11. Down 1kg this week... Had to run/walk/shuffle 100km on Saturday to do that. Don't think i'll be doing that every week for the next 3 months 😞
  12. No uniform for me, they finalised the team a long way out and before the uniform deadline had occurred. Something like 3 months prior to the actual event. If anyone pulled out closer to the event, I assume they either weren't replaced or they offered it to someone who was racing the other distance on offer. Besides, they'd already made their money off the withdrawal....
  13. Found the team, I was 5th reserve. Looks like the first three got a call-up before the event, so reserve 4 Paul Dineen was the next in line... RESERVE LIST Jonathan Dawson M 35-39 ACT Performance Triathlon Coaching (PTC Canberra) Reserve 1 Brendan Wall M 35-39 NSW Clarence valley triathlon club Reserve 2 Aaron Buchan M 35-39 SA lakers Reserve 3 Paul Dineen M 35-39 NSW Newcastle Tri club Reserve 4 David Froude M 35-39 VIC Knox Reserve 5
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