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  1. Try Nerang pool( http://www.swimfit.com.au/nerang) . They usually have a program running.
  2. You really need to be on all, to reach as many people as possible from as many demographics as possible. Also doing your own You Tube vids lets people hear you not just read words or look at pics. There a loads of free blog sites you could use if you wanted to.
  3. Global warming. The increased temperatures negate the technology.True story.
  4. I like it. What is most important to people, a good looking bike or the one that gives them the best performance?
  5. I have one in the backyard. Only problem is it produces Vietnamese Dong. One dong will get you about 0.000051 Australian. But if you like the dong it may be the one for you.
  6. check this out http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/redshiftsports/switch-aero-system-one-bike-two-rides
  7. You are swimming too much and have no taper period.
  8. The Event Crew, who run the local Gatorade series, has the domain name challengegoldcoast.com.au registed.
  9. Ordered Friday delivered Monday, all good.
  10. Like most of us here I would of liked to have more training but family time will always come first for me. I am continuing to improve which is great and really enjoying the sport. Highlights for me are: 1. Took 6 minutes off my time from the March Kingscliff race to the December Kingscliff race. 2. Dropped 12 kg since start of year 3. Wife has started to run, we did Gold Coast Marathon 5.7 km run together. 4. Wife has dropped 36 kg 5. Both sons have started to play cricket and love it One race left this Sunday at Raby Bay should be fun
  11. I wonder how many people did this race (because it is a qualifier) that normally wouldn't. I think they said there was 1400 athletes yesterday, maybe capping the event at 1200 would be the way to go. I think the biggest limiter is the creek and the tides.It must be very hard to find many weekends where the tide is right for the event.This prevents from having the Tempta, kids on Saturday afternoon for example and been able to start and space out the waves on Sunday.
  12. Not possible to have more time between waves because as I understand it they only have a permit for the road behind the esplanade( ie, the bike turn around ) to a certain time. The old course didn't seem to be as crowded but with the narrowing of the road in front of the shops there is now always going to be congestion at that point.
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