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  1. Some rim/tyre combinations are extremely tight. Stans Arch and crest rims are said to be very tight with Schwalbe tyres but for me this hasn't been the case. I've fitted Rocket Rons and Nobby Nics to 2 sets of Arch rims and whilst they were certainly tight, they popped on with the use of soapy water and 1 tyre lever. After they have been on the bike for a few weeks they have stretched and are now very easy to get on and off and I'd have no problems getting an inner tube in to get me home if needed.
  2. What tyre pressures are you running? Keep them as low as possible for maximum grip. As a guide: my wife is around 57kg and runs 24 rear, 22 front on 26" tyres with tubes.
  3. The RR is a good tyre given the right conditions and so long as it's the Snakeskin version (the performance version are crap). The question is why would anyone advise a novice rider to run one on the front whilst running a Nobby Nic on the rear?
  4. Hard to say really; you just don't know what sort of life it's had. I don't know much about Sram as I'm a Shimano man; however the Reba are a good solid fork and much better than the crappy Fox Float Evolution fork which many sub 3k bikes have. Just check the stanchions for scoring and wear, making sure there is no play in the bushings and no oil leaking from around the remote lockout. The Reba is quite easy to service if you choose to DIY.
  5. Just heard on the radio that Stuart Diver's 2nd wife Rosanna has passed away from breast cancer at age 40. Stuart lost his first wife Sally back in 1997 when they were buried in the Thredbo Landslide. Life doesn't seem fair when a person has to endure this much pain! My thoughts are with Stuart and Rosanna's family and friends!
  6. This thread is quite amusing. If it were a non Australian athlete eg. Wiggins, Nibali who took a minute and change off of Armstrong's record, the accusations would be flying thick and fast, and the defence counsel no where to be seen! BTW, not stating Porte is or is not on the juice! Perhaps he's just more of a pure climber than Armstrong? In His TDF build-up Armstrong would have been low 70's (kg) so he's carrying an extra 11-12kg (correct me if I'm wrong). Edit: Counsel, not Council
  7. Like swimming, a big part of paddling well is technique. Spend a little time getting the basics right before trying to rack up kms. If you can't balance your boat it's difficult to develop good technique. One drill which helps a lot is finding a spot that is pretty calm and shallow (pretty easy to find on the Wonnie), ditch the paddle and float around using your hands. as you progress start replicating the paddle stroke (without a paddle) If you can balance doing this, your ski will feel as stable as a barge! Lots of good stuff on Youtube.
  8. Either you're writing with a European accent, or you've been on the "punchier" youreselfa...
  9. http://adventurerace.com.au/Search/MultiSport/Australia
  10. Not a bad article. Factual with no HFLC/Paleo bashing.
  11. What was the problem with the existing chainset? So your big ring is 40...? Double or triple? Is the small ring the same as the old one? If your smaller ring has less teeth you may need to shorten your chain. As for top end speed, If you can wind a 40/11 or 12 out on a trail you are doing well! Many later model bikes are running 2 x 10 with either 24/38 or 26/38 chainsets so you should have more than enough.
  12. hope you don't find out the hard way that this is not a great set up. The idea is more grip up front so most will go wider and/or a more aggressive tyre up front combined with lower pressure than the rear. When you're going through corners (especially loose ones) you'll often get some drift in the rear which you get used to. If your front drifts whilst your rear stays planted you'll likely end up crashing.
  13. That is an unusual setup...! It's generally the other way around: Less aggressive tyre on the rear and more aggressive/wider up front. Any particular reason for going that way?
  14. Nice bike! you're running Racing Ralph up front? That would scare me in anything loose!
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