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  1. So does that mean the entry fee will be cheaper??
  2. Fast Gear have GU for $1 each. You have to buy at least two boxes and they're past the use by date. The rate I was going through them for an IM build was definitely worth it. He even let me mix up the flavours a little bit. My coach got me onto Rice Malt Syrup and it was the best switch I've made. I drop in an electrolyte tab to improve the flavour.
  3. As I'm in no contention for a Kona slot, my next race I'm using a snorkel.
  4. The one channel Foxtel doesn't do is 7Mate. Ah well, will have to wait for the torrent.
  5. I thought he was quite clear, yet his answer didn't make sense. He claimed it was to cover merchant fees for the credit card transaction. 5% seems a bit steep, I thought the going rate at the moment for Visa was only 1%. I just can't understand any of these fee types that are based on a percentage. How does the cost of the trasnsaction differ for $100 or $1000? Yet the fee will be ten times as much.
  6. Maybe there should be a time cut off for tattoos, say 12 hours, where if you take longer than that then you're not 'entitled' to one.
  7. Only if they'd stayed around for another 30mins or so.
  8. I got caught up with a pack coming back on the fist lap. They'd get in front and slow down, I'd try and do the right thing and overtake only to be overtaken again and held up again. Bloody annoying. Had a TO sit with us for about 15k trying yup sorry them out. But as stated before, 2000 odd competitors into a 90k loop just didn't work.
  9. Don't know of any for Anrdoid. IronTrac for Apple though is a good one. Luis Suarez 794 9.45 Dohey 1141 9:48 PeePee 1260 9:59 Naut. 1334. 11:45 Sgriffiths 172 12:00 Lucky 7 479 12:30 Clydesdale 646 12:30 Cape_Horn 425 13.30 Bangers. 626. 13:00 Gordo 729 10:59
  10. Now that's the biggest rip off of them all! Can't believe there can be such an exorbitant fee for simply processing an internet transaction. Actually any fee that's based on a percentage is a load of crap in my opinion.
  11. I was more let down with the cancellation of dinners on the Friday and Monday nights. A voucher just doens't cut it for me. They've also delayed the briefing to 5pm, which means Friday night will be a later one than planned. Bike transport for Monday morning is still free. The way I read it is that you can pay for a priority delivery or be happy to collect with the masses.
  12. I was getting major heartburn with Staminade. Switch nutrition and haven't had a problem since.
  13. I've got a spin bike for everything other than my long rides. Bought it a few years ago on eBay for about $220 brand new, so nothing over the top. Yes, it doesn't quite fit like my road bike, but I constantly use it. It's quieter so the missus is happy to share the lounge room with me for some quality time watching tv. But the main benefit I've found is I can really crank up the resistance a lot more than I could on a wind trainer. I've done some 40rpm efforts on there that I could never do on a trainer.
  14. The whispers I'm hearing are that Ironman want more money so they're still in negotiations. I've messaged them on Facebook but haven't had a reply. Mind you, I'd still be happy to race if the event was purely hosted by the Shep Tri Club only. Wish they'd hurry up.
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