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  1. Hi I'm going to Nepal in May for Holidays and was thinking on taking a day to do some mountain biking Is there a shop or operator somebody can recommend so I can hire a tour for a day or half day? I'm looking to exploring some trails and getting a decent workout at the same time Cheers
  2. Thanks for the replies so far Re additional background, my estimation is that the ride should take me around 5:30. I had been consistently riding between 100-120km every Saturday for the past 15 months up until last November. I've been doing Triathlons for the past 10 years ranging from sprints to Ironmans including all distances in between . Have also done Around the bay and similar types of events covering distances up to 220km. I'd like to consider myself as a strong cyclist, but never faced this situation to have to rely 100% on the trainer sessions to get me ready for an iro
  3. Due to weather conditions I'll be forced to do all of my bike preparation but the last month using a fluid trainer Based on this, what types of sessions should I be focusing on going forward in order to have a successful race? My initial thoughts are to structure my program around the following weekly sessions: Speed session - 60 min of all out efforts with (2-3min) with respective rest breaks in between Tempo session - 60 - 90 min of with 10 min intervals at threshold level Volume session - aerobic session building the ride up to 3 hours with some strong efforts every 20 or 30
  4. Hi Otter Where's your bike shop located? Cheers
  5. Hi Otter Where's your bike shop located? Cheers
  6. Hi Currently living in Melbourne, and just about to upgrade my road bike. Budget is around 2500-3000 (might stretch to 3500). I'm looking for a quality bike which I can use during winter time for long rides and may be a couple of races. Any feedback on which shops and/or brands should I be looking for? Don't have any preference at the moment (would love to get a european brand if value for money exists within that price bracket) Thanks in advance for any potential help Cheers
  7. Hi all Just relocated to the UAE 4 weeks ago, signed for the AD International Triathlon since last December and was really looking forward to compete. The issue is that the shipping company has told me my shipment will be delayed hence my bike won’t arrive to Abu Dhabi before the 13th. I’ve gone to the local bike shop to ask for any bike rentals but have been told is not possible to hire a bike, they just sell them. Spoke with the guys of Wolfies in Dubai and there are none available for that day. Posted a note on the Abu Dhabi Tri Club website but not reply so far. Since the cycling c
  8. trimex

    White Bibs

    Where can I get white cycling bibs (or mainly white whith some blue here and there)? I've looked over in PBK, Wiggle, and Torpedo7 but haven't been able to find what I'm looking for Thanks!
  9. Hi I was wondering how long is the usefull life of compression garments such as SKINS and 2XU tights? Is there any "expiry" date or similar ? Cheers
  10. trimex

    WTB Bike Case

    Hi I'm looking for a bike case to transport my bike when flying overseas and interstate. If somebody has one, or knows somebody who might be thinking on selling his / hers please let me know I'm located in Melb, and will be in Brisbane around Christmas time if that potentialy helps somebody which is thinking of a local pick up. Cheers
  11. Hi Zippy I'm thinking about doing the race as well, I've been doing some research on line and it'd be great if you could shed some light regarding the actual place where you stayed (was is at the "official" hotel or somewhere else?), and if you did all the travel arrangements by yourself or through some agency (i.e. Tri Travel). I've got enough FF points to get there so I was wondering if it was worth to try to organise the trip myslef. Cheers
  12. trimex

    CO2 Inflator

    Hi I have a set of HED Jets 9 wheels and I'm using a topeka valve extender, anybody know where a place where I can find a CO2 inflator (preferable online) that fits the valve extender? Thanks
  13. trimex

    Quality tyres

    Hi there I’m looking for a new set of training tyres since my old ones have given up on me. Primarily looking for a set which is bullet proof against potential punctures, don’t care too much about weight. It’d be great if any of you knew about any places which are having some kind of tyre promotion as well Cheers
  14. Well problem solved, after trying to "fish" the valve with a paper clip for a bit more than an hour last night, I gave up and went to bed Wife took it upon as a challenge since she heard somebody had done before. This morning, after a bit more than an hour of shaking, moving, and assessing the situation; she was able to put the tip of the valve on the edge of the carbon opening. "Hooked" the valve with the paper clip, and slowly pulled it out, until suddenly it came out. All this was done while the wheel was resting horizontally on top of a shoe box Now she's "demanding" compensation f
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