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  1. 5 years away. This place exactly the same. Oddly comforting.
  2. Ok but if I can only have one or the other.... 😀. I resisted Zwift for a long time but I actually really like it. I agree with you re low wide tires. More surface area surely more resistance? But it does sound more comfortable.
  3. Great point! Also tubeless vs tubular. Thanks!
  4. After about 5 years off, I’m thinking about a comeback to the middle of the pack where I left off. I’ve got my 2010 Trek roadie hooked up to a new Kickr. I’ve got Zwift. I run a bit. I’m thinking about swimming, which is pretty much how I train for swimming. So clearly now I need a new bike. But I don’t understand them any more. Questions: - is everything disc brakes now? Is this ok? Is there anything to the maintenance of them? - does everyone just ride carbon wheels all the time now? Do bad things not happen? - is everything tubeless now? Used to be just for ra
  5. I renewed. Haven't done anything tri-related in over 18 months, but it feels like giving up to not renew. Didn't read anything Oompa said, but I probably agree with some of it.
  6. He really went very far to the right though didn't he. Left Cav with nowhere to go but down. Elbow of no consequence. I don't really know the rules but it does look like a dangerous swerve to lose the door that went badly wrong. Will miss Sagan on the tour anyway, just because he is funny. And Cav deserves total respect for being a gentleman about the whole thing.
  7. Guarantee he was doing the Strava #mymile challenge. It finishes this week. Couldnt yield or nod because that would cost PB time.
  8. Watch this. http://edition.cnn.com/videos/us/2017/06/23/road-rage-california-orig-bpb-vstan.cnn (motor) Cyclist kicks out at car. Car tries to kill him. Injures someone else. Everyone here at fault except the guy who got injured. Motorcycle guy very lucky. Moral of the story: if you act, don't be surprised if random stranger reacts. Also, people are generally kind of shitty so are best avoided, especially when they are driving By the way, the motorcycle guy apparently didn't stop. I wonder if he will get charged for that. I wouldn't have either, on the basis that the g
  9. I did the motorcycle course a little while ago. Most useful advice was "how often are you putting your life in someone else's hands, expecting them to see you/yield/stop?"
  10. I've raged a couple of times after near misses, feeling the red cloud of adrenaline after near-death. Nothing like that thankfully, but I don't blame the rider But... the general point that cyclist behavior doesn't help much is valid. I do in fact lump all truck drivers together and all tradies in utes together, so to others I s sure that cyclists are cyclists. All one obnoxious bunch. (Also Volvo drivers, school drop off mums, taxi drivers, p platers, and Mr Whippy vans) Recent stuff I've seen that has made me dislike cyclists as a group: - on Military Road toward the cit
  11. I was a DNS. Daughter admitted to hospital on Friday so pretty much no option. (She will be fine). Kudos to those who did it. Tough distance with a tough course in tough conditions. Met Lucy B in Pace briefly one day. She was just hanging out. Very very low key and seemed very nice. Was thrilled to see that she won.
  12. UTA100. First one. Just aiming to finish. Ideally sub 17 so before midnight.
  13. Sounds like a full evacuation because a helicopter saw a shark. Seems odd. I mean everyone knows the sharks are there. I would have thought it was better to at least know where one is.
  14. Wait iFoz and IronmanFoz are different people?
  15. I got mine at Pace Athletic for the same reasons. Needed local advice and try on etc. They are true experts and have run just about any event you can mention, usually many times. They don't seem to have a Melbourne store but maybe call them? I know the Mosman one does UTA gear checks by Skype so maybe they can sort you out?
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