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  1. I hadn't seen it but am now contemplating it.. the thought of driving down that morning isn't very enticing though!
  2. I do get that but I think it also reinforces my point. Forcing me to take another step that I don't need to (ie finding and joining a club) means I don't take any steps. Why would I bother? I'll just pay the few ODMs for the half dozen races I do - the sport misses out on the member number which would help in advocating for the sport and selling to sponsors etc I work in a charity and we know that every additional click we ask someone to make on the way to a donation has an attrition rate, why would you add unnecessary hurdles? I'm also super cantankerous and hate being told to do un
  3. This was my fundamental problem at the time... it still is. The sport is largely an individual one and you are punishing/disenfranchising those people that for any range of valid reasons choose not to be part of a club. I have been part of a couple of great Tri clubs... as a single guy moving around a lot they were a great way to meet people with similar interests, learn new routes and enhance the race day experience. I was also a TA member. However, peoples circumstances change - have to meld my training and racing around my family, not a club schedule, means I get that same expe
  4. Cheers all for the considered responses. I brought it to this esteemed group as I felt like i got it right before Moo last March and had a great race and then particularly poor before Noosa where I really suffered - there were a number of factors in that though. I agree with the comments re fitness 2-3 weeks out being what is important, just more that I tend to feel if I don't do enough in this last week I'll tend to feel really flat in the days before the race - it is a balance against being fatigued from too much. I did my last hardish hit out on the bike yesterday and will probab
  5. Afternoon all, I haven't posted here for a very long time (and I wasn't exactly what you would call prolific then either!) but after coming back to Tri from a hiatus while the kids grew up I have bookended my year the last couple of years with Mooloolaba and Noosa Tri's.. when racing before I was almost exclusively long course with the shorter races only ever in my program to spice up the training a bit. Given this I have struggled to adapt my taper to hit the start line fresh, but not underdone, over the last couple of races and wondered if there was a broad consensus on what my n
  6. THIS ^ I was sure I couldn't be the only one! The whole Tri F1 brand looks amateurish and puts me off. Maybe it was a money saving exercise and if that money goes into better races i'm all for it. Still not sure how they get away with using F1 though as there are few brands in sport that the trademarks are protected so heavily...
  7. No, legislation introduced in most states over the last couple of years means that an organisation has the same obligations to it's volunteer workforce as it's permanent employees. This includes stuff like WHS, SunSmart etc. I am not sure where the implementation is at but I know it was in place in NSW in 2013 and would be in place in most if not all by 2015.
  8. Not to defend IMAPC too much on this but I have unfortunately been in the situation a couple of times where a participant has passed away at sporting events I was involved in. Despite social media mentioning it and mainstream media getting hold of some/little/no facts and blasting away, decisions around when and how you can acknowledge the fact are usually driven by the family wishes. In one case I was asked to hold a statement by 3 days with the local media trumpeting the name and their 'suspected causes' around whilst a family member backpacking in Europe was located and informed by her
  9. OL, I think you will find TA adopted the cap on terms in their constitution a couple of AGMs ago. Driven by the states I believe. I don't think many national bodies in Australia allow direct election by members to the NSO for a number of reasons. Most run the 'members elect the state, states elect the National Board'. No comment either way on which it should be as both have pro's and con's in my opinion
  10. I've competed in both and people always look at me funny when I say I would head back to Roth before Kona. Apart from the fact I am currently an overweight mess nowhere near reasonable shape for either race, If I had qualified/entered for both and had to choose based on return on spend.. I would choose Roth. That being said, nothing can take away from how cool I found Kona and the atmosphere around the race. I just found the countryside, crowds and course more appealing. The fact that I particularly enjoyed consuming several times my bodyweight in Dunkel beer, pretzels, schnitzel, s
  11. Couldn't agree more ozzybuds. Triathlon is already too much like 'everyone gets a prize' with 5 year age groups and 18 different 'World Championships' where you get to turn up if you go to enough races. Michellie is no longer a professional athlete, she is therefore entitled to race in her age group and still be part of a great sport. End of. I am normally not a fan of the term 'first world problem' but surely this is a great example? ie "I should have been the World Champion in my 5 year age group of a niche sport for amateurs, however I was beaten across the line but that shouldn
  12. They got themselves in a lot of financial strife last year by relying too heavily on their race series and a single major sponsor. You can probably still find the articles about it if you search on stuff.co.nz. They had to downgrade offices, dump money from HP, let go a few staff and outsource their race series. Other than that, no, it seems to me that they are a petty switched on organisation. The little bits and pieces I have seen of their races and media stuff looks pretty sharp.
  13. Too right Will, the stock standard is $20 million Public Liability and $5 million in Professional Indemnity. There is actually a rule in NSW that to hold a 'cycling' race on a public road you must be sanctioned by the governing body, ie either Cycling or Triathlon. It is under the NSW Guidelines for Bicycle Road Races and I understand that it is intermittently enforced by various Local Commands depending on their familiarity with cycling events. On my comment above, I am sure the bigger RDs like Emo, IM AP or SuperSprint probably have the participant numbers to spread the costs effecti
  14. Well said OL. I think the other aspect of this that often gets forgotten is the gamble that is claims history and it also comes down to economy of scale. A club may purchase a policy for around $3000 to cover itself and its members whilst they are racing in club events and this may be perfectly sufficient with only CPI increases incurred for a period because there are no/only minor claims against the policy. But as soon as there is a TPI/Death/Damages claim that results in a significant payout you will see a pretty sharp rise in that premium. If you were unlucky enough to have two such cla
  15. OL, there appear to be about 3 people in Australia who take this 'zippergate' crap seriously. You and the couple of TOs who think they need to implement a poorly worded rule. A couple of random reports from a couple of random races does not a crisis make. I have done a lot of races in QLD this year (with my zip in various configurations!) and haven't seen any evidence of the widespread conspiracy you want to make this into. If it was happening at every race in a region I would be agreeing with you but the fact that you are dredging this topic to death is probably the reason why noone from
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