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  1. True might be better to have another break 🙂
  2. RunBrettRun

    New trisuit

    I make it look good. *I walked through an aide station 5min before this...
  3. Xavier don't put too much energy into the comments, too many excuses on this forum for the majority to understand the benefit. I just hope you don't go broke 😉
  4. For a lazy coach who doesn't listen to athletes you would be right. For someone who monitors it closely adjusts regularly it would work well for both. Though if you're not being paid it makes it hard to justify the extra time spent on the athlete.
  5. Zhuang said that while the research shows an association, it cannot prove cause and effect. A randomized controlled trial would be needed to confirm the relationship between carbohydrate intake and AFib and assess the effect in a more ethnically diverse population. In addition, the study did not track participants with asymptomatic AFib or those who had AFib but were never admitted to a hospital, nor did it investigate different subtypes of AFib, so it is unknown whether patients were more likely to have occasional episodes of arrhythmia or persistent AFib. The study did not account for any ch
  6. the sneaky race for a kona spot this year is Ironman Vichy. 1 week before 70.3 world champs in Nice. Its also the first qualifying race for 2020.
  7. you work in IT, surely this can be done anywhere in the world these days?
  8. That's actually pretty cool for $40k
  9. If you check through its 150 for the whole trip. We flew Hawaiian Sydney to kona on one ticket and paid 150. On the way home we stopped in Honolulu and paid 50 from kona to hon and 150 hon to Sydney.
  10. RunBrettRun

    New trisuit

    Nah as Prizna says, I pay to be part of their team? In saying that if I didnt like the product I wouldnt have gone again this year. The top is stitched onto the bottom but when you undo the zip and the front it fully opens around to about your hip and then the stitching starts. I think...Ill check when I get home.
  11. If you look at all the races after the cut off for Nice none of them have the number of spots, just that Qualifying spots for the 2020 championship in Taupo will be available. Ive wondered the same thing.
  12. RunBrettRun

    New trisuit

    Wyn Republic.... 😎 Ive used scody until going with these guys, tried fusion twice but just never really felt good. I do like the fact the Wyn suit is a connected 2 piece suit and have found it really comfortable for all distances. The pockets at the back did take a little getting used to though.
  13. Local radio was talking about it this morning. They made a good point on this. The announcer said even if my parents gave me a $20 million head start I'm not sure I could turn it into a billion. Decide for yourself I guess.
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