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  1. Just read the end of the Brisbane post....36yr old died at the scene. Bloody tragic.
  2. Bad day for cyclists, another one down on Minmi Rd this morning. I went past this morning and the police had the road blocked off for investigation so I think it was bad news. I tried to catch it on the news tonight and didn't catch the start of the story so does anyone know any news, please no. not another tragedy.
  3. http://www.theherald.com.au/story/1676051/video-protein-key-to-appetite-control/?cs=305
  4. Is there actually so much to be gained by his rivals that Froome wont release a power file to the media for one his stages? Really they would all have similar stats and how would it help a rival? It would then get some of the questions from the media answered and the constant attacks on his credibility down to a dull roar. Or is that a power file would confirm suspicion? Surely if he is clean he could upload one file to garmin connect for the world to see?
  5. Reading about Froome and this topic in the paper today and I feel sorry for poor old Froomey, dear oh dear it must be tough. It shows how tough Cadel actually is, the only year he received decent support from his team he won it. Every other year (including this year) he is constantly isolated as soon as the road points up.
  6. Must say that OGE are doing a great job of marketing themselves. They have covered all of the social media with great highlights and behind the scenes clips to engage the fans. Great to jump on their site each day and catch their daily highlights, the taste of the tour etc. Sharing the yellow jersey to get them on the front pages in South Africa was a very clever and the sponsors would have been pleased with that. And overall they actually look like they are ejoying themselves rather than a lot of the serious insects in the tour, well done boys and keep up the great work I say.
  7. I work on HV substation design and have had to do a lot of work to avoid these kind of dangers, not a good thing to happen. I only design HV switching to have it done remotely to remove the operator from the hazard and have that flash contained, no good having some poor bloke in front of that.
  8. Interesting...I like TP and prefer it to Garmin Connect, I reckon Garmin Connect is crap. Looks like I will stay with TP and use Golden Cheetah if I want to analyze anything. I assume that I will be analyzing things fairly closely while I get the hang of the PM and my training with it, then I will keep it pretty simple. It's just a new toy at the moment and I'm enjoying looking at the data and also gathering my data to establish my zones, abilities and most appropriate training. Thanks for the input.
  9. Who uses the WKO+ program to play with their power files and is it worth purchasing? I am now in the wonderful world of training with a PM and I really like it, being an engineer I love playing around with and looking at the numbers. I am currently reading training and racing with power which I find very useful. I currently use training peaks premium for my training log and analyzing my data which I quite like, so is it worth going to WKO+ and using it for my power stuff or better to just keep on TP?
  10. Sounds very familiar! I'm an ex army electrician, had my own contracting business for 8 yrs after i left and did zero triathlons. Studied electrical engineering at night and now am a lead electrical engineer/project manager working mainly in the mining industry. Designed the new conveyor system for the Cadia gold mine in orange and currently designing a new mining development out of mudgee. It took me an extra 10yrs to get to where I wanted because I was too broke as a uni student and too immature. It was worth it though as I love my job and enjoy most days at work.
  11. Got my Power2max last week and have been enjoying riding with it. Very easy to install and get it going. Did my first training session this morning with an FTP figure from testing last week. Wow it sure does temper your efforts, I must have been going out way too hard previously! I was doing some 8 min efforts at FTP this morning and had to moderate the effort at the start and then concentrate at the end to maintain a consistent effort throughout, it was a big eye opener! Looking forward to training with it over winter and then using it at Forster to control my race and see how I go!
  12. ??? My email says "a twilight finish at the beautiful Main Beach Forster"
  13. Great, now we can get on the beers on Sat night after the race then travel home Sunday!
  14. Some useful tips in this thread from a fair runner, which I found interesting and intend on looking at for my next prep.... http://forums.transi...pic=59921&st=50 magnus ok here it is.... when i was training for marathons 2 things helped me run fast... 1) very, very long runs in the mountains on trials 2) very long interval sessions In my long runs i never did any surges, the hills were hard enough. If i ran on the flats and felt good in the last 10k i would sometime pick up the pace In an IM race you dont need to be able to run ANY sub 3min kms so dont
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