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  1. Her sentence is fine, but the others lenient on face value. A six figure deception offence is not trivial. You are placing too much emphasis on comparing the two, when I'd argue the violence offences are light on causing the imbalance, not the severity of hers. Edit - and you'll go nuts trying to get your head around sentencing at the best of times
  2. Do we even know if Covid affects orange people?
  3. That's one inspiring adventure. What a life! Sorry for your loss, Paul.
  4. I reckon there is some truth in that. But, the freshness of the challenge fades eventually and it isn't sustainable to put aside 12-15 hours a week and still expect to be involved in your kids lives. That leaves you the choice of paying to do it poorly or changing the way you view it or participate.
  5. Do they really move away from the sport though? Swim, ride and run is an active lifestyle. I know plenty of inactive competition triathletes who still log decent hours. I still do all three, just not obsessively anymore. I'd rather go on a decent golf trip or spend a week in Derby or Thredbo than pay a grand plus prep costs for an Ironman, something that I find a pretty underwhelming experience knowing that getting around is a given. I race short stuff every other year or so. But about the forum, it is like a good car crash. I cant stop looking at the Covid and Politics threads.
  6. Chasing Scratch. You dont need to be a golfer, triathlon addiction well qualifies you for it.
  7. And to be fair to him, at $25 a pool entry in NYC (assuming he was a local), I wouldn't swim much either.
  8. I take it back then. He must have ridden a tricycle.
  9. Wasnt a short swim just a heavily current assisted one way swim. I did 46 and my 3 others were 58-1.01.
  10. He is a shit athlete. Even I beat him in New York and I am a fat midget.
  11. Working the checkpoints in and out of the Athletes Village, ripping around the Village perimeter on ATVs until they got confiscated from us for keeping the athletes awake 😂 and a few better stories I better not share. Learning that the waterpolo and Euro handballers were some of the most physically imposing athletes of the lot. Getting on the cans with a famous aussie track cyclist only coz he was tuning a bird I was working with and she would only go for a beer if a few of us went 😂😂😂
  12. I've played three Aussie Rules games this season (not Masters). I play when numbers get low with injury etc so I dont have to commit to the season. I have coached Juniors at same club for 10 years so I have hands on the footy regularly and they just give me a call to play. I like being the old weird guy who is still fitter than many of the 20's piss heads. Play comp golf most Wednesdays. Shiftwork has advantages I guess.
  13. Going off how many snot factories and coughing machines still turned up to swim squads over the years, the chance of a triathlete risking a forced lay off by getting tested is pretty low. I reckon plenty would happily race with symptoms too.
  14. If you have Netflix, the last episode of Lenox Hill is a sobering watch. It is the NYC version of our RPA tv show. That last episode covers April/May as Covid takes hold and it is all hands on deck in ICU and Emergency.
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