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  1. 29th of Feb. You stockpile the missed years, add a Ruben Wiki and take the whole week off every 4th year.
  2. Reckon you are on the money, Gim. I have Kayo and have watched every bout of the UFC available, plenty of crankworx/Rampage mtb, boxing and a heap of random "exciting" viewing. I watch the cricket and AFL as well. At least the golf reaches a climax down the stretch with a good choke or a playoff. I don't watch any swimming, running, cycling or tri and I do or have done all those. Just shite events to sit through, with a few exceptions. With the exception of Olympic swimming, everything else plays out slowly.
  3. Move it once. If they keep whinging then stiff sh1t. I like the long weekend. Lets go lunar cycle or another random sky fairy festival. I get the "you are rubbing our noses in it" sentiment. Move it once in honour of that and call it Bogan Day.
  4. You just sobered me up majorly. Looks such a good event. Considering I can't even run yet post busted ankle, perhaps I am being a bit ambitious. I guess I can recruit team members if I look like coming up short as I get closer. I am a long, long way from IM shape and weight.
  5. Hey Trout, I get they are different beasts, but what type of Port Mac IM shape would you have been in vs what times you rolled out at Triple Tri? It is hard to get a gauge looking at last years results as I couldn't see anyone I knew.
  6. Anyone done it as a solo or duo? How did you find it?
  7. I miss the old bastard. He was equal parts no bullshit and all bullshit. You can't argue he didn't provide plenty of training wisdom, and who cares if there was plenty of self promotion in there. Mad if you don't. This place is a shadow of its former self.
  8. A mate I played footy and cricket with 20 years ago, who incidentally is indigenous himself, posted last night he was seated 2 rows behind the evicted 6. Stated there was no racist slurs, just general ribbing. There are videos around today to support that too. He said a number of the crowd in the vicinity sought out the cops to support the evicted group. No doubt we will cave to tgmhe tourists and they will be left under the bus.
  9. Yeah me too, which isn't ideal in terms of this thread for running or climbing. Good for swimming but everyone knows swimming doesn't really matter for IM.
  10. No chin up bar, Callum? The hero of my home Covid gym. Had to invest in one when swimmer daughter looked to have me covered. I put that threat to bed now.
  11. In NSW there is a day 2 and day 10 swab and you are checked for symptoms again when your checkout is arranged. Refuse those swabs and you do not leave. No idea anywhere else but must be similar.
  12. I don't have an opinion on that aspect 😂
  13. No, you have changed your position You have been rabbitting on about an unjustified police shooting because she was unarmed. I was explaining to you how that police can (and in my opinion based on limited footage, justifiably did) discharge their firearm to protect themselves or others from serious injury or death. This is very different to a regular persons common law self defence "powers ". These apply to white and black people. The black DV offender getting into his car full of (previous victim) kids, knife on floor, shot recently is a case in point. He leaves with the ki
  14. Go and do a little research into Police Powers. That should assist in your understanding.
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