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  1. I'd be vary careful with that. Make sure its cleaned real well. Scrubbed if necessary (to remove fine dirt and stone). Not something to take too lightly. A woman lost her arm after a very nasty infection took hold after a fall during the TDU a few years back.
  2. +1 you'll forget you're wearing it.....which could be embarrassing.
  3. I really like the AG wave starts in half ironman. Cairns was great and got to swim to potential. They are ultimately the group your competing with.
  4. bozza


    Telling fat people to go eat 40 bananas a day!
  5. bozza


    No doubt he is a good rider and a pretty good runner. I find his vegan message a little on the extremist side though. He divides the cycling forums here in Adelaide often.
  6. bozza

    Dyma disc covers?

    Is this site real? They look like they are made from old lino....
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