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  1. Good work Roxi & Lachie , will look forward to your updates & results
  2. Probably have 1 -2 per year when a cold lays me low, apart from that not many. The culture at my work is only minimal sick leave taken probably cause if we do can't bill the day for work lol.
  3. thanks Roxi enjoying these interviews
  4. Ta FB , appreciate the posting I don't normally get time for checking these out
  5. yeah well done Michael Shelley , can only beat those that show up
  6. Entered Ex-Hasbeen thanks for organising
  7. Yeah same here even when the water has been crap !!
  8. Done both & had good times at both Cairns is good for a family holiday (if possible) as well Port though has better spectators & still would be good holiday
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