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  1. Yep. They're still 'line of sight' so if the rider ahead has the radar and your arse is in the way, it won't pick up at 140m. It might only detect at 70m or closer. I'd never pair to a unit on someone else's bike.
  2. Last year Garmin released the RTL515 and RVR315. The 515 is pretty much the same as the 510 but with added Bluetooth. This is really REALLY handy as it now has an app on the phone which will BEEP BEEP over any audio (or even if you don't have audio) and also vibrate. The 315 is the same with no light. Covered here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTLIeaRKN6c If you pair one of these (or an older unit) with a compatible Garmin Edge (or watch) you can install a ConnectIQ data field that'll count cars and also display/record the approach speed. Brilliant data to have.... it'll show on Garmin
  3. That's a Pro Stealth stadle with the GoPro three-fin mount addon. It's sold as "PRO Camera Saddle Mount" if you Google it. Longer rides are usually in 1080 30fps. Small battery packs required for long LONG rides with the GoPros. A little 5000mAh lipstick thingy I have lasts hours.
  4. This was a while ago. Good to see these videos still coming in handy!
  5. No purchase history with them. Can vouch for the Canyon AU team being great people. I've crossed paths with them at trade shows/events for the last few years.
  6. It's a great clickbait topic for shitrags to publish content on to get engagement from their anti-cyclist viewership. The Ballarat Courier plays this card often.... I had a massive slab of smackdown ready to unleash on a Karen yesterday that I hit delete on before hitting enter. I saved some of it for another day. It'll come in handy. Some below: Here's what I pay for the privilege of being both a motorist and cyclist: - Car registration. - Vehicle license. - Car insurance. - RACV membership. - Cycling Australia license. - Australian Vets Cycling license. -
  7. Excellent. We've got a long way to go. I welcome this progress.
  8. One of the buggers swooped me 11 times. The other brought a friend as backup. They're persistent!
  9. I'm so tempted to pull the trigger on a TV upgrade from 55 to 75inch. I just can't see the Tour lasting three weeks.... and I bet i'll end up kicking myself for shelling the cash to watch Twin Peaks re-runs or whatever they'll show in place of the Tour/Classics.
  10. Speaking from the two wheeled side of things - The cycling industry seems to be BOOMING at the grassroots level... while at the competition level it's effectively non-existent. You'd be hard done by having a race performance clause biting you on the arse in 2020 when there's no real opportunity to perform... However... company/brand/product/marketing wise there's a metric shitton to be gained if the athletes work on that side of things. At the end of the day, any prick can win a race. It's the nice guys/gals coming 5th that I'd follow. And almost every brand I speak to at the moment are quietl
  11. I'm half-arsed looking for a PowerTap wheel (again....). The last thing I need is another damn power meter.... but I need another point of power measurement out on the road for what I'm up to. Ideally it'll be accurate.... for what I need it really only needs to be consistent. If anyone has one laying around let me know. G2 fine. G3 even better. Thanks! Lama
  12. Earnings on YouTube are very... individual... I guess you'd call it. It depends what content you're putting out and at what time of year. And the current trends for advertisers. November and December are great months. January is a waste of time uploading anything. COVID saw a massive downturn in advertiser revenue on the platform, so while I had a huge upswing in views/subs - I was fisted five ways in regards to the earnings from that content. It'd be difficult estimate what DR would earn monthly on YouTube. It all comes down to who's bidding for his keywords/content. I'd guess he'd be a
  13. You're not going to be able to run both on the one AppleTV at the same time. It doesn't multitask. You could run FulGaz on the AppleTV (Bluetooth) and run Zwift on the laptop (ANT+) but only pairing the Power Meter and Cadence. Don't pair the "Controllable" over ANT+ on Zwift.
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