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  1. full ... number ( I think) 323 ironmum - Nicky rose..
  2. So I did this race yesterday, who else did and what were your thoughts?? 2xlaps swim- well marked and plenty of room 5xlaps bike-honest coarse, had ridden it before hand( my local area) so knew what to expect..really enjoyed the laps as you could see everyone 3 laps run-love love this coarse, all on trails, around to reservoirs... Just needed one extra aide station out on side ... So it is a solid course, hopeful will continue and be supported :-)
  3. Am in for port... Excited as this is my validating race for KONA.....
  4. YAY I AM OFFICIALLY GOING TO KONAðŽðŽð«ð¥â¨âï¸âï¸âï¸âï¸ðð»ð´ð»ðð» I am so bloody excited!!!!!
  5. And bendigo definitely isn't flat as describe... It's not Geelong hilly but not flat :-)
  6. Hey Trunkz , have you got an update on accomodation????
  7. Hope so , fingers crossed:-)
  8. We stumbled across this on Netflix... How funny was the guys going through his gear from years ago and smoking all the way through the show?? Very scared race but very cool...
  9. He rode, there is a write up on the page:-)
  10. One very serious one yesterday..... He was coming in very low and coming up ! Scarey, they usually are half arsed at start of season....
  11. Used to be today then went to sunrise.... Now abc kids...don't like watching news around the little kids....not something they need to see.... Also can't stand the new weather guy.... He annoys the shit out of me!!!
  12. By the looks of it we go in the other direction to Eaglehawke now.....Which has a better bakery than maldon... Best muffins ever... was wondering how they were getting to maldon over the Calder.
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