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  1. i was trying to drop some roadies up beleura hill this morning in the big ring, then i looked down at the road and painted on it read "vb200 big ring or dq". funny shit.
  2. roo

    Rival or 105

    you will find the rival runs the same cassette and chainrings as sram force. they will also run from the same shifters so the only running difference (assuming you are running a da chain) is the rear mech which on a tt bike does bugger all. 105 is a down grade of everything from ultegra. go rival, i did and im rapped with it. my last tt bike had da7800 and rival shifts beter and crisper, but doesnt run quite as smooth although overtime im sure it will
  3. of the two the look is by far the sexiest but that much coin on a hard tail, i dont get it, and carbon?? mtbs only look good once, the rest of the time they are covered in filth. but for looks, yet unpracticabilty, the look is sweet. having dabbled in some longer dist mtb races this year, i would say you would be at a huge disadvantage on either of these two bikes, in either a enduro or ar. they would only be useful in a 1 - 2 hour club xc race. fwiw i own both a hardtail and dually (anthem and xtc). it is funny the cost of road gear vs mtb, but the dirt does wear your gear down q
  4. unfortunately the council doesnt want a bar of it. couldnt think of a better venue though. the corkscrew area a couple of times would sort a couple out geelong... no thanks
  5. very interesting can we get some close up pics of the wheel cover set up plaz? as the wheel is already heavy, does the cover push it towards 2kg?
  6. how many world championships do we need??? hopefully this mob can break the monopoly of ironman
  7. always wanted to give this a go. hope kitey went well any chance of you posting freak without giving mention to epo no one gives a shit
  8. if anyone has a spare arione tri saddle laying around id like to take it of your hands. let me know what you want for it cheers
  9. roo

    Mountain bike

    i recon you could do a better specced bike from a shop. giants (almost always the best value option) 2010 range is coming out in 3 or 4 weeks i beleive. this means two things, cheaper 09 models, and also the 2010 models will be about 20% cheaper than 09 with the dollar improving. i say wait a few weeks
  10. roo

    Mountain bike

    slx is new to the groups this year i think but roughly equals 105, in the sense of xtr,xt, slx.... i would rate slx as a better option in terms of value and performance over 105 though, comparitevely speaking. it shares some of the same specs as xt, such as chainrings, at a lower price. i run slx cranks and bb on both my bikes, and slx brakes and shifters on my hardtail. all are excelent and have held up beautifully to a fair bit of abuse.
  11. roo

    Fenix headlight

    GJ would you say this light would be suitable to withstand the bumping and pounding mountain bike riding would give it? also can it be helmet mounted easily? looks bloody great for the dollars
  12. roo

    WTB - saddle

    does anyone out there want to unload an old saddle they may have lying around the spare parts bin. it is just for an indoor spin bike but ideally i am after a fizik arione or arione tri, but anything thats cheap will be fine.
  13. roo

    The Oracle

    a disgrace. i hope your giving the winnings to charity...
  14. roo

    Casey Fields

    have a look on the corners. unless it has been resealed in the last 6 months. might have done it when they did the road in. havent been there for a while. i thought it was on tomorrow, just realised it was sunday morning
  15. roo

    Casey Fields

    and tomorrows forecast is "windy". the circuit is a disgrace. it cracked up in the sun when it was layed down, and they have sealed over the cracks with liquuid nails and pieces of carpet??? have fun. im going to do a 6hr race at upper beaconsfield on sunday instead
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