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  1. What about a great ocean road ironman! That would be spectacular! Swim in Torquay, bike from Torquay to Appolo Bay and run around Torquay.
  2. SOLD I got this for Christmas and I dont like it. the touch screen is hard to use when I rest my hands on it when riding the TT position. Used 3 times and still in AS NEW condition. Comes with original box and packaging, USB charging cable, rubber stem mounts and out front mount. Does NOT have heart rate strap or speed/cadence sensor. I am happy to sell it for a reasonable price. Was bought for me for Christmas and paid full retail price, which is $600. I would accept $500 for it. OR if someone would like to buy me a new Garmin 520 I would
  3. Any info on the lake temperature? I know Sydney got a lot of rain last few weeks but that heat wave surely lifted the regatta centre temperature above 24...
  4. So we still don't know if it's a wave starts and if so what the order is? Personally I'm hoping for a mass start, i hate waves and rolling starts. Mass starts are more of a "race" than this rolling start rubbish... Does anybody have confirmation of Sleeved Tri Suits being worn in the swim? Is there some loophole that allows it for "sun protection" or something...
  5. Still no info on the wave starts. Anyone know what the wave start order was last year? I hope the M25-29 is the first wave, I dont want to have to swim over anyone
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