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  1. What about a great ocean road ironman! That would be spectacular! Swim in Torquay, bike from Torquay to Appolo Bay and run around Torquay.
  2. SOLD I got this for Christmas and I dont like it. the touch screen is hard to use when I rest my hands on it when riding the TT position. Used 3 times and still in AS NEW condition. Comes with original box and packaging, USB charging cable, rubber stem mounts and out front mount. Does NOT have heart rate strap or speed/cadence sensor. I am happy to sell it for a reasonable price. Was bought for me for Christmas and paid full retail price, which is $600. I would accept $500 for it. OR if someone would like to buy me a new Garmin 520 I would
  3. Hello Tranny's I have a 3 bedroom apartment at Northpoint in Port Mac for Ironman week. It's on level 8 of the building and has beautiful views over the water. Only 100m from the finish, perfect for your spectators watching you all day and easy for you to hobble home after the race. the apartment is 3 bedroom (2 queen beds and a twin single room) 2 bathroom and is booked for minimum 1 week. Check in: Tuesday May 2nd Check out: Tuesday May 9th Full kitchen, large living and dining room, huge balcony all around the apartment. I cannot race this year and dont want to lose my
  4. I'm downgrading from 100km to 50km... After 3 months off with fatigue and being told to start slow, i don't think attempting 100km is very smart...
  5. In for 100km... Just had 4 months off from adrenal fatigue... Fark, this is going to be tough.
  6. I'm calling a conspiracy on this one. - Movistar is sponsored by Campagnolo. - Campag do not have disc brakes in their product range.... yet - Campag would benefit a lot from the suspension of Disc Brakes. - If I were Campag i would have the PR agency pushing this story EVERYWHERE to show how dangerous those shimano and sram disc brakes are. Conspiracy.....
  7. Hahaha you mean dirty as in.......
  8. The coach or the athlete? Or both...
  9. I think they have talked about this on GCN or DC rainmaker or some cycling tech website/show but there is a company developing a system that can calculate your most efficient cadence range/pedal force and constantly keep you in the most efficient gear. Sounds great but will it take the fun out of cycling? It would be the same as riding on a kickr with Virtual Reality goggles....
  10. Pics? If i want to purchase just frame, groupset and brakes (i.e. without wheels or aerobars) how low can you go? The rest could easily be sold on triathlon marketplace...
  11. I heard an extremely good runner once say; the general is... For every % of weight lost equates to the same % reduction of time for any distance run meaning: a 80kg person can run a marathon in 3hr 30min (210 minutes) if that person loses 4kg of fat, not muscle used to move forward (5% weight loss) they should run a marathon in 3hr 19min 30sec (199.5 minutes)
  12. you got old... thats what happened still SOME good music these days, you just have to know where to find it! and it's not on your radio or on the front page of the iTunes store
  13. ****ing Awesome!!! God i love the team pursuit! Cant wait for Rio
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