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  1. Woolworths and Coles sell alcohol free Coopers beer. When im going to a party and know it will be hard to not drink I buy a 6 pack of these. People dont even notice and they hit the spot (sort of).
  2. +1 - ride it like this for a month or so before you cut. There is no going back.
  3. I was overtaken by a guy riding as part of a team (show covers etc). Right (and i mean right) behind him was a guy drafting. They kept going into the distance in the same position. Im pretty sure the TO picked them up as i saw a guy in the box when i came back in but couldnt remember if that was the same person. Was that you Steve? I wish they put photos of the drafting box as well as the race. It would be nice to see who got caught.
  4. There could be a number of reasons but likely the torque wrench has a button or a lever that needs to be pressed before you start to torque up the bolt. It would be very unlikely to be a product issue and there is NO such thing about a torque wrench warming up. That would be crazy.
  5. +1 also. They have fixed mine a few times for no charge. I will go back to them for sure.
  6. Id call around the motels and get your name on the waiting list. There will be rooms available closer to the day. I got a few calls last year but already had a room.
  7. Besides xTerra, can anyone give me a link to some offroad triathlons or harder mountain bike races around South East QLD? Thanks.
  8. I have been to all and now ONLY go to an Osteo. They can do all the Chiro and Physio can.
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