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  1. This, I think doing that is a little disrespectful to those in the grade and they miss an opportunity to learn. I'm still utter rubbish, manage to avergae 290 watts for a d grade crit and can't win
  2. I wondred why they wear these sweaty things on their heads and then it clicked bald dudes, initally mistook it for fashion
  3. You have to watch out for fat bald guys with bandannas under helmets
  4. Zwift racing is physically harder than a crit, in crits you can use race craft to make up for fitness and you even get to free wheel at times. In a short zwift race, you must keep the pressure on the pedals at all times
  5. It is a bit blah after a while. 1 minute burst, ride at Threshold then try and sprint. It is too hard to break away
  6. Riding c you should be able to win d in Zwift.
  7. Have you raced recently? (Taking COVID into account)
  8. I agree with you on the latter bits, and will agree to differ. I don't expect him to change and suddenly go yes dems rule, but when presented with actual evidence and findings from court cases, to accept them. The worst thing in politics is getting people to defend things they did not actually say to distract from the actual issue at hand, that is a very effective tactic for pollies all ilks. I like you and don't want to get into a stoush with you over this, especially when we have a euro soccer draw to play next year. but: " I mean, if he's supporting charitable causes it makes
  9. I do not agree, with you at all. He never answers a question except to put up strawmen and alternate facts. Even given actual findings against Trump, he wont' address the actual finding. I'm not claiming to be picked on just not going to waste my time anymore.
  10. I am racing in the real and virtual world. Finding Zwift pattern of racing a bit blah recently as its the same every time. Hammer for a minute hold best pack you can find at or around your TH, hold on and try to have a sprint.
  11. zwift cheating is often accidental, with calibration errors etc. But I have raced a local coach who is the fattest mid 70kg person I have ever seen
  12. Your post demonstrates you seek to argue rather than discuss facts. You ignored the facts and finding to make it a personal attack. Done with this thread, back to tri threads.
  13. Jim, your view? or on this: Trump was required to agree to 19 admissions, acknowledging his personal misuse of funds at the Trump Foundation, and agreed to restrictions on future charitable service and ongoing reporting to the Office of the Attorney General, in the event he creates a new charity. The settlement also included mandatory training requirements for Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump, which the three children have already undergone. Finally, the settlement required the Trump Foundation to shutter its doors last December and dissolve under court supervision.
  14. I’ll make it easy. Did he cure cancer
  15. So you will not discuss facts or what he actually did. Business usual then
  16. It’s about you not Trump. The record of what Trump has done and not done is out there in the public domain. he has not cured cancer so rather than “you” talk about things he’s not done to debate, could you just talk about what he has done.
  17. Oh dear, you are reaching new lows.
  18. It was at least very honest
  19. You do not debate facts. You create strawmen, if Trump, cured cancer, people would still have a go at him. Trump didn't cure cancer, he did a whole bunch of other things and that is why people have a go at him. Those are the things you are excusing distracting avoiding by inventing a thing he didn't do and saying you guys would pile in on him anyway.
  20. No you didn't, you said: As I've said before, if Trump had found a cure for cancer people would complain about him putting oncologists out of work
  21. As I've said before, if Trump had found a cure for cancer people would complain about him putting oncologists out of work But he didn't more Iron Jim What Boutism, living in a world of what if to excuse what he did
  22. young people not caring catch it spread it to, old people who die, before their time, awesome
  23. For those who don't like lockdowns and border control: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/
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