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  1. However, if someone doesn't want to get vaccinated, and doesn't have a medical reason to do so, then that's up to them Sure, they are slowing our herd immunity, because they think they won't get covid, one serious break and they will all be rushing for out. Selfish, people with very limited intellect, happy to risk others lives and quality of life as long as it suits their self interest at a point in time.
  2. Think he's totally on the issue, if people are making a personal choice that might kill others its well personal
  3. It’s insulting to not take the vaccine unless you have a medical certified reason not to.
  4. If you are not getting the vaccine you are the problem with regards to the country being able to open up fully to the rest of the world and you might die from COVID, you do not want to do that. If you do't have a condition that your Doctor certifies you should get a choice, Vaccinate or stay in your house for ever
  5. can't believe all these snow flakes getting worked up over the PM doing his job, suppose some people will find anyway to be offended these days, woke elitists
  6. Pandemics function collectively, gave you factored in dependency and your risk to others in the network. Including Rumsfeld unknown unkowns?
  7. https://www.jobs.act.gov.au/jobs/transport-canberra-and-city-services/temporary/e867
  8. Lots of people think they will be fine. If we don't get the jag we are staying like this for a long time. I lean towards no jab don't leave house. Got Pfizer on Monday had similar reaction to Prince, feel okay now
  9. Vaccination is the path out of is, its really the only path way. The USA and UK have done it, so sitting back risks us becoming an incredibly isolated nation with all the benefits/disbenefits. What is the reason for being anti vax?
  10. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-01529-3 I don't know where it came from, have no interest in one hypothesis over another, I'm interested in the most probable evidence based answer.
  11. When did saying wouldn’t be surprised become evidence and fact
  12. wouldn't be surprised if they did??
  13. Only for him to now admit they never asked them if they had bat's in the labs, and that he wouldn't be surprised if they did?? It's not evidence its I wouldn't be surprised, eg I wouldn't be surprised if Barry was very good looking!
  14. So let's get this straight. You have a member of the WHO adamantly saying that there was no bat's in the Chinese labs and that any suggestion otherwise was conspiracy theory. Only for him to now admit they never asked them if they had bat's in the labs, and that he wouldn't be surprised if they did??
  15. Coombs park run 20:30 saw a guy with a transitions hat!!
  16. Images of veterans cyclists with saggy 90's knicks and bibs that have that wahed once a year smell
  17. Is that retro or OG? If OG must be threadbare
  18. Got them on the FB feed, ordered a US Postal Winter top and Festina Jersey. Pumped!!
  19. Booked Pizer shot Monday. Took 4 days of calling and call backs but in
  20. It wasn't part of our process, June. Good that they have it now. LAX was scary. No one knew anything, we went through Minneapolis, people were every where, a number of folk during boarding were confused about having to quarantine, they took about half an hour and decided to disembark rather than go to Sydney and Quarantine. Quarantine was run very well in NSW, though the Manly Sea Eagles couldn't deliver any good performances.
  21. assume that is new
  22. There was no test prior to boarding and no test until day 3, so has some thing changed with test prior to flight
  23. The flights come in, I saw people I had never seen on the plane, caveat, I was in Business Class so who knows. We went to the "family" hotel, quarantined in NSW
  24. Yep, you come in, screen temp, symptoms, sit on bus for an hour with people from all over world. Bus into Hotel. Hotel does test, if Covid, go to covid hotel. If get worse need to get to Hospital ICU pronto, which is why its all in Big Cities with the best Hospitals
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