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  1. This one is better than the Ironman site: https://www.slowtwitch.com/News/Top_Ironman_Hawaii_Finishers_Archive_58.html kienle in 14 did gap them on the bike and hold on with a good marathon Macca while running fast did make Crowie change from biking 437 so agree Andrew he did change the way the race was excuted. Norman in 04 and 06 is just bike hero awesomeness Looking at the names and bike splits was 97 a high wind year?
  2. https://endurance.biz/2020/industry-news/kona-postponed-ironman-world-championships-shifted-to-early-2021/ Is this still happening? If there was ever to be an outlier year then this would be the year https://www.tri247.com/triathlon-news/event-news/2020-ironman-champs-cancelled Answered, so no. Oh well back to hypotheticals and zwift until we get real racing
  3. It would be interesting given swim and tri background. Figure he has to committ early to give run the time. frodeno window ending so there is a chance
  4. Oscar Galidnez, ran 308 yikes for fastest m 45-49 behind *Vino who ran 3:12 but held him off. Shame we didn't have a kona to be talking about
  5. Yes I read the table wrong, which for some reason ranks them number 1 in the run just because they won the overall event. Having said that the winner doesn't just jog to the finish. Ignoring the personal jibe from other post, I agree with you that the bike is more important, though it's less uber bike and try and hang on alla Sinballe, Lieto et al and more use it to manage the race. Frodeno has had such a huge impact on the race as he really has no weakness compared to anyone. Last year I think he was throwing it down to everyone saying I am the best here it is. Regards Wurf v h
  6. Okay Pete its a typo but the data is true since 2014 fastest run wins, you can argue the earth is flat all you want but thats what actually happened. Now maybe we get an outlier year or Wurf can be as good on the bike as Norman. Norman was 31 and 33 when he did his uber biker thing. 2021 should be the best chance for a wild card with no racing and people perhaps losing motivation while others get the work done. https://www.ironman.com/im-world-championship-results
  7. Since 2104 the mens winner at Kona was the owner of the fastest run of the day
  8. “Bike for show, run for dough” has been one of the mantras of Ironman racing, especially in Kona. There have been very few occasions where a superb performance on the bike has secured a Kona title; almost all races have been decided by the athlete with the best marathon. https://triathlonmagazine.ca/racing/how-to-win-the-ironman-world-championship-the-best-kona-run-strategy/
  9. Plus 1000 points though for getting us debating merits of stud triathletes rather than not so study pollies. #frodenolove#abisgod#wurfoverrated
  10. You want it to be true so you will say anything. Speak to pros and elite coaches sure everyone has a view and there are some who will support your POV and some mine. the ones who support mine are those who win not those who would have won or will win if everything goes right for them. your analysis is a bit like saying the guy who ran 11 seconds for 100 is gunna beat bolt for 100 some time because he got his time to 9.99. The best run wins Kona please explain how Lange won Kona I’d it’s fundamentally shifted to the bike.
  11. Macca didn't evolve the race, he just raced better that day. For all the talk of winning on the bike outside of Norman Stadler on that day and Hellreigel in 97, its the best excution which is not nailing it on the bike. Macca ran 243 the year in 2010 and 2007 he ran 242. Frodeno just does what he has to do, he swims front pack because he van conserve some energy and he watches the bike doing what he has to do. fordeno swims 5 minutes faster than Wurf and he gets to swim of better feet. Wurf didn't gte off the bike with that in hand because Jan controlling the race biked 416 less than
  12. This. People can be fan boys all they want and IM lends itself to this. The ST folk used to want Lieto to win it off the bike, then they wanted Lionel and we want Wurf. Those guys were just not a chance for all the reasons Zed put up. If Wurf et al improve their swims and they won't be able to match AB. Then AB and JF just wind it up some more. Jan Frodeno can bike with anyone he chooses to, he is so much better than anyone else at just doing what is needed, he is more aero, he executes perfectly rather than racing on emotion and what he wants to do. Thus his bike VI is amazing.
  13. Its all moot AB once its all back on crushes all
  14. You have a man crush on Wurf and just moved the goal posts to the question you set.
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