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  1. Hah, I'm sure that's how its written, Given she has been recognised for all that achievement before do you think this might not be a sneaky way of making political statement
  2. Borders should be closed to the whole state, this is a public health issue and the CMO are the smart people that the Big Policy should follow. "advice from the federal government and NSW who failed with the Ruby Princess." So basically the main reason we had a COVID outbreak and most of our first wave deaths
  3. Would you care to identify the assumptions, for reference I have now lived through the USA pandemic from Feb to July and have experienced the Australian treatment of the pandemic from July to now, also my extended family and friends are in Scotland and England.
  4. He has also put in place quarantine for internationals, but the issue he is he needs to control inter state travel which he can't do.
  5. Sure, though you would have to like the Oz, NZ, Taiwan model. Australia should work within a consistent framework, but if we had followed the federal lead we would have bee in all sorts of trouble as they were in denial , encouraging early opening up etc. The authorities of the states and their exercise of that power has been the Saviour for this country. Now that we have firmly suppressed and can control we should have consistent Federal leadership.
  6. FFS, more than 10 Boeing Dreamliners of people die every day in the USA of covid, this is nothing like air travel risk, unless you are cool with ten Dreamliners crashing and killing everyone every single day in the USA alone
  7. How many times have you and are you going to post that picture of you running away from the mardi Gras the night before?
  8. Being a nicer person in real life than on the web is the classic defence and sadly often true, but does not limit the damage. Much better just to be consistently mean spirited and manage expectations!!
  9. Hmm this was a guy who lectured on here about how coaching was personal and that he didn't cookie cut
  10. https://www.france24.com/en/20200409-us-criticizes-who-for-ignoring-taiwan-virus-warnings https://time.com/5826025/taiwan-who-trump-coronavirus-covid19/ Taiwan raised the issue in late December 2019!!! They took action. Subsequent findings in January proved that there was human to human transmission and this was serious. More than ignored, it was dismissed and or covered up. Now the USA and other nations would have been briefed on this from both a health and a security perspective so you can't pass the buck to the WHO, though you have to ask what were they doing?
  11. March 11—The WHO designated COVID-19 as a pandemic. At the time, 90 percent of cases were declared in just four countries, according to the WHO, with 81 countries reporting no cases at all, and 57 countries reporting up to 10 cases. That looks like a good date for people to take consistent action, like no travel
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