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  1. why are people so unkind
  2. Zed and Barry Pact to get to Kona from couch?
  3. Back to couch to Kona, well I've been on the couch for over a year so might give it a go starting from June
  4. Yes I suppose I am. The other part of the rule is that once you pass and enter into another draft zone you have to keep going. Skipper got done for that on the weekend. I wasn't at SA so don't know. Busso first hour is a mess, wall to wall traffic jam. Still there is no early U turn on the Busso bike course so why do we end up with the traffic jam. People don't understand the rule and there are too many who don't so it ends up a mess. If Bike 1 goes out then Bike 2 stays at 12 then all the way to Bike N. People either make a pass or don't, the problem is all the yo yo in that go
  5. well I'm a male, I fell poor and I could light up
  6. O2 uptake is rarely the limiter in human performance. Cousens sheets with the time put in by KQ is pretty handy though
  7. Of course not, its was what could you do. I said drop back. The rule is simple and one issue is people seem to think they have some right to have an easy pass. You either make progress or you stay where you are. Even the much maligned dropping in is a valid tactic. This is a race with tactics, if I pass you drop off. If you don't want me passing you ride harder and get me pinged for drafting. Once I enter I have to go, and make progress its the passed riders job to drop off. Anyway this always ends up being an argument, mainly due to people wanting the rule to be the rule they want r
  8. That's why I said the impossibility of it all. Though those huge packs are flat out cheaters. A mate of mine did that in Mooloolaba 19 said he got caught in a big pack, what could he do. No one busted them. That's when the TO should ride around stop them all instant DQ, its unsafe and cheating, one day all those aero bars people in huge packs are going to go down.
  9. yes but the rule does not discriminate like that. Once you are in you over take. The person sitting 10 cm off is not cheating anymore or less than someone "drifitng" in all the time. The rule is clear, overtake or stay back. I'm not for people sitting tyring to say thats 11.5 or 12 and would rather they focus on the cheats, but the person saying they drifted and backed off is cheating. They also cause people behind them to enter the zone as they brake or slow rather than progress. If people just understood the rule, overtook when entering or didn't enter in the first place
  10. Yes but this I accidently drifted in while not as bad as wheel sucking is still an issue. If you enter the zone, your job is to overtake, if you don't overtake you are drafting. If you just back out and say it was an accident you are part of the problem
  11. I'm saying I've drafted, you have drafted, Go easy has it right though . If you are going for the best result you can get you should end up with the odd drafting penalty from time to time
  12. if you didn't sit nose in the wind like Stadler you have drafted in a triathlon, how much only the rider knows. Unless this is a controlled computer simulation you can't not enter the draft at some point. If you are in the train of 12 metres people you are in the draft at some point and should overtake. then Overtake again. Which is the impracticality of it all
  13. five months after ...announced Australians were “at the front of the queue” for vaccination, our rollout is presently ranked 104th in the world – sandwiched between Lebanon and Bangladesh – based on the latest seven-day average vaccination rate. Australians understand this is a race. It is a race between our vaccination rollout to eliminate the virus from our shores, and the rolling risk of the virus mutating.
  14. Its not so much out and out drafting its the riding at the absolute limit of the 12 metres. Anyone doing this will at some point draft
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